Let's limit the carbon footprint together!

One of the particularities of ZEALANDE is that we think about the well-being of our customers by offering them products made with quality materials, comfortable and durable over time. However, ZEALANDE's commitment doesn't stop there, we care a lot about the preservation of our environment.

By choosing one of our bundles, you will save money but you will also considerably limit the pollution generated by land and air transport.

Indeed, an order generates consumption of paper, packaging, labels, fuel for the different transports, but also electrical and computer consumption that we will synthesize and call "the carbon footprint".

So reducing the number of individual shipments to the same customer helps reduce the carbon footprint.

For example: 

- 1 order with 1 leather watch pouch = 1 carbon footprint generated

- 1 order with 2 leather watch pouches = 1 carbon footprint generated  instead of 2 

- 1 order with 3 leather watch pouches = 1 carbon footprint generated  instead of 3 

- 1 order with 4 leather watch pouches = 1 carbon footprint generated  instead of 4 

- And so on...

By choosing one of our packs, you contribute at your level to the reduction of the carbon footprint and the sustainable preservation of our environment.

Together, how many carbon footprints will we save our planet?

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