Rubber straps on luxury watches is no new concept, in the early days of watch designs back in the early 2000’s it would have been considered strange. However, fast forward to 2023 and you can see all kinds of celebrities rocking watches from Rolex to Audemars Piguet on rubber straps. Unlike certain things, this is not a fashion trend or a short-lived phase, putting a nice well made-rubber strap is something that more watch brands are incorporating into their models. 

There are many reasons for this like making your watch look sportier, wear more comfortably, reduce the weight and even have a bit of fun with colour. However, the ultimate way to combine a rubber strap and luxury is to incorporate your OEM deployment clasp with a perfectly designed rubber strap. Today we’re going to look at the all new ZEALANDE rubber strap designed to fit your Rolex and its claps.

A story of sensations

Compared to your standard tang buckle, wearing the original clasp your watch came in with your ZEALANDE strap really helps tie the whole look and feel together. Whilst you may think it’s easier with a tang buckle to select the perfect size, do not worry. ZEALANDE has created an easy system whereby you simply count the number of kinks before and after the clasp. 

Then you can select the perfect cut strap for the amount of links you have so you can be sure to get a perfect fit. However, if that wasn’t already good enough, you can still use your glidelock or 5mm easy-link system with the ZEALANDE integrated rubber strap. 

This means that even though you have a rubber strap in lieu of your bracelet, you can still make full use of Rolex’ excellently designed features. You can more than easily continue to use the on-the-fly adjustment system whilst rocking a ZEALANDE rubber strap.

If you take a closer look at the watches Rolex offers on a rubber strap, you’ll quickly notice that they are almost all precious metal watches. This goes to show that Rolex considers the blend of high-end luxurious watches with rubber and then tying it together with a Rolex clasp something special and unique. A huge advantage of this means you can wear your luxury watch and not have to worry about adding a thousand scratches to your bracelet. 

And if scratching your clasp is something you really want to avoid as well, ZEALANDE offers solid 316L steel tang buckles and deployment clasps too! However, wearing your Rolex clasp with your ZEALANDE bracelet will really make the perfect blend of sportiness and luxury all in one perfect package

Products featured in the article

Rolex is definitely not the only brand to start offering watches with a rubber strap aon their own deployment clasp, brands like Omega, Tudor and all the way through to Patek Phillipe and Audemars Piguet have also been known to practise this. There’s just something special, unique and fun about a rubber strap added onto your watch. Perhaps it’s just the feeling of the two contrasting materials, rubber and metal or the different look it gives the watch, either way a rubber strap integrated with a clasp is something that has been growing massively over the last decade or so. When it comes to sports watch, whether you have an Omega Aqua Terra, Rolex Submariner or AP Royal Oak, a rubber strap will make them feel and even make them more capable sport watches.

Rubber and metal in perfect harmony

Another great advantage to wearing your watch on a rubber strap can be to make your luxury watch look a bit less recognisable whilst still looking and feeling great on your wrist! You can feel more confident wearing your watch in more places and not need to worry as much as changing up the strap can really change the entire look of your watch in a great way. This is also excellent if you are about to do sport or motorsport, you can really make the watch look the part for the task at hand. Not to mention, it will also help keep your watch securely and comfortably in place whilst you do sports so there is certainly a big advantage to swapping out your Rolex bracelet for a ZEALANDE rubber strap!

It definitely goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway, installing the ZEALANDE rubber strap with your Rolex clasp was designed to be an easy process. In the exact same way, you would normally install a rubber strap to your watch, you do exactly the same. The only difference here is you will need a small flat head screwdriver to unscrew the links attached to your Rolex clasp. After you’ve removed the deployment clasp from your Rolex bracket, all you have to do is screw the clasp onto our ZEALANDE rubber strap and you’re all set to go. Make sure to double check which way round the clasp goes before screwing it on to save you from having to unscrew and then re-screw it back on!