With a ZEALANDE® rubber strap on your Tag Heuer® watch, go for style and functionality.

Tag Heuer® is a brand that stands out. Once you’ve owned a Tag Heuer® watch, for example a Tag Heuer® Aquaracer or a Tag Heuer® Carrera, you know you can rely on their precision, craftsmanship, and innovative designs. It’s no magic formula: they simply are one of the most reliable watch brands.

If you want to make your Tag Heuer® a perfect fit to your style and looks, the best thing you will do is swap your genuine leather bracelet for a ZEALANDE® rubber strap. Let’s review why it’s the best accessory for your Tag Heuer® watch.

Your ZEALANDE® rubber band provides comfort and durability

You may worry that a rubber strap won’t be as comfortable as the original leather bracelet your Tag Heuer® watch came with nor as strong as a classic stainless-steel strap. We get it, men and ladies old rubber straps used to not be as reliable as ZEALANDE® straps are.
Crafted with a top-grade vulcanized rubber by a skilled manufacturer based in Switzerland, our ZEALANDE® bracelet provide a smooth feeling on your wrist.
They won’t warp, they are resistant to wear and tear, their colors will last for years, and they are low maintenance.
In one word, they are the best option for luxury watches owners who engage in an active life, sports and outdoor activities.

Your ZEALANDE® rubber watch band is water resistant

One criteria for water sport lovers who own luxury watches is their water resistance. If you own a Tag Heuer® watch and are keen on water sports, you probably want to preserve your original leather or stainless-steel bracelet. Your better option is to choose a ZEALANDE® rubber band as they are water-resistant and manufactured to perfectly fit your Tag Heuer® watch.

Your ZEALANDE® rubber band comes with versatility and style

Our dedicated designer team studies each Tag Heuer® model to create the perfect ZEALANDE® rubber strap for your watch.
On our online shop, you will find many different models coming in a wide range of colors so you can match your ZEALANDE® rubber band to your style. Whether your dial watch is white, blue, black, yellow or gold, you will find the ZEALANDE® rubber strap that will match it.
If you want bright colors as deep blue, green, orange, red, white, black, Miami blue or brown, you want to check out our designs for those Tag Heuer® Aquaracer models:
- Tag Heuer® Aquaracer Calibre 5 Blue in 41mm (ref: WBD211XXX)
- Tag Heuer® Aquaracer Calibre 5 Blue Bezel in 41mm (ref: WAY211X & WAY111X)
- Tag Heuer® Aquaracer Calibre 5 White in 41mm (ref: WBD211XXX & WBD111XXX)
- Tag Heuer® Aquaracer Calibre 5 Black Bezel in 41mm (ref: WAY211X & WAY111X)
If you own a classic Tag Heuer® Carrera or a Tag Heuer® Monaco, you may prefer to go for more neutral colors as red, black, blue or white. View our models here:
- Tag Heuer® Carrera
- Tag Heuer® Monaco

Maybe you are a collector of high-end watches, and you like to vary from Tag Heuer® watches to Rolex®, Omega® or Breitling®. We also have developed ZEALANDE® rubber straps for those luxury brands and many more, watch it here:
- Rolex® Submariner without date in 41mm (since September 2020)
- Rolex® Submariner with date (6 digits until August 2020)
- Rolex® Oyster Perpetual 36mm (6 digits)
- Rolex® Yacht-Master (5 digits)
- Omega® Seamaster Diver 300M Chronograph 41,5mm
- Omega® Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial 41mm White
- Omega® Seamaster Railmaster Chronometer 39mm
- Breitling® Superocean Automatic 42 (A17366XXX)
- Breitling® Endurance Pro

ZEALANDE® rubber straps are low maintenance

Your original steel bracelet can scratch and lose its brightness. Leather straps require regular conditioning and can age poorly when subjected to extreme conditions.
None of that will happen with a ZEALANDE® strap. A bit of soap, running water and a wipe of soft cloth is enough to keep your ZEALANDE® rubber strap in perfect shape. For you, busy ladies and men, those straps are the perfect, hassle-free accessory.

ZEALANDE® provides some beautiful accessories to come with your rubber strap

All our ZEALANDE® bracelets come with a classic brushed stainless-steel tang buckle, which you can choose to change for a deployment buckle. Each buckle model comes in 4 colors: brushed, polished, gold and black.
We thought of the tools you will need to replace your original bracelet with a brand new ZEALANDE® rubber strap. And we created the perfect kit for it. Ready to fit either your Tag Heuer® dial or any other brand as Rolex®, Omega® or Breitling®, our kit contains everything you need to remove and mount your ZEALANDE® rubber strap.
Last but not least, you can find on our on-line shop the leather pouch you need to travel with your Tag Heuer® watch, and all of your watches if you need to. With its supple leather, and its innovating protecting leather tongue, this case will protect your watch from any scratches. A hidden clasp and linen filling complete this perfect leather case.
Need to carry 3 watches? Go for the ZEALANDE® watch roll. With its 3 large storage compartments, your exceptional items won’t fear a shock nor a scratch.

Feel free to spoil yourself by getting several ZEALANDE® rubber bands in bundles
p-The classic go-to bracelet when it comes to swapping to a rubber strap is the black bracelet. But you may feel that this racy yellow would be a great choice for the summer, or that the Miami blue would be a good match with your sporty tan. Go for it! When you buy ZEALANDE® straps in bundles, the more you shop, the lower the price


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