Here at ZEALANDE®, we love ROLEX® watches. Everything about them is immediatly recognizable, from their logo’s font to their characteristically silent second hand. Their style is unique, that’s why they need the most beautiful style of bracelet, and a ZEALANDE® band is the perfect product: gorgeous, flexible, comfortable, top quality, elegant and easy-to-live.

Our talented team of designers studies each ROLEX® watch style everyday, particularly their width and size, to create the most compatible of all rubber band. They aim for you to feel totally comfortable with your ZEALANDE® FKM vulkanized rubber strap, living your life style the way you always do : active, focused, playful!
ZEALANDE® rubber bands fulfill all your demands. Every item is made to custom for a long list of ROLEX® models, as the ROLEX® Submariner and ROLEX® Oyster Perpetual 36, ROLEX® Oyster Perpetual 39, ROLEX® GMT, ROLEX® Datejust, ROLEX“ Sea-Dweller and many other models.

Play it colorful with any style: bright orange, vibrant blue, deep red or green. Or go for a classic type of product with a beautiful blue or black bracelet. Isn’t this menu appetizing? Whatever your choice, whatever your watch material, gold, silver, ceramic or other, the forever lasting color of your ZEALANDE® watch band will give you the perfect custom ROLEX® watch.

Our bracelets fit all wrists size and width, no one will be left out, men and women will all find their style and each type of ROLEX® watch we studied is compatible.

Ready to pamper your ROLEX® as it deserves? Here are a few details about our amazing items. No doubt you will soon post your style on the grid of our ambassadors’ list!


You carefully chose the best product when you decided to dress your wrist with a ROLEX®. Whether you went for a ROLEX® Oyster or a ROLEX® Datejust, you read every post and every list about each type of ROLEX® watch and you carefully made your mind on a gold or a ceramic watch, leaving no web link unexplored. Your ROLEX® watch is a center piece of your style. And you will do the same for your new band, by studying every list and grid about each item and product. That’s why all the details of the products we post on sale in our web shop is thought to be the perfect custom accessory for your watch ROLEX®: materials we use for our rubber bracelets, design style, buckle style, even the top quality leather box with its flannel padding to wrap your watch safely.

Our first and strongest argument is the FKM vulcanized rubber we chose to manufacture our watch bands. It’s a ultra high-end product who offers everything you are waiting for your luxury ROLEX® watch. Here’s the menu: it’s solid, anti-UV, anti allergy and anti dust. And it has a fantastic style.
FKM vulcanized rubber is more solid, more flexible than classical rubber, the color you will choose will last forever and above all it makes the most comfortable strap you will find. It’s the master of rubber bands for the stars of the watches.

Then there’s the bracelet’s design style. As watch lovers, we are extra careful about it and we want every item we create to have a perfect custom with your watch, no details left behind. The width and size of our bracelets are thought for an exact custom fit with your ROLEX® lug width so the custom fit will be perfect. No surprise here, is your ROLEX® watch made of yellow or white gold, maybe Rolesor or steel? Either way, you will find the perfect color to match it. And that color will last forever, that’s part of a great design style and that’s what will make the difference in your style. Take a look at our color grid and photo grid, you will find the perfect item for a perfect custom fit.

Last but not least, let’s take a quick view to the details of our products. You want your band’s buckle to be as solid and beautiful as your watch, that’s why our design team created a 316L stainless steel buckle, really solid, with a beautiful classic style which guarantees top quality and durability. This buckle’s size is designed to be discreet and elegant, with the discreet ZEALANDE® font engraved in the inside of the buckle. And for a maximum security, the link between the buckle and the band is made with an axial screw, so you’ll be sure to keep your watch at your wrist in any condition. Brushed or polished steel versions, with the ZEALANDE® font discreetly engraved, are available for every watch ROLEX® to find its perfect custom fit.
One more thing on our accessories’ grid, as we know that’s the type of attention your cherish. To protect your beautiful ROLEX® watch and its brand new band, for them not to be left in your luggage without any protection, we created a top quality leather box, coming with a soft flannel padding to wrap your watch safely. You will find the perfect color on our grid: blue, orange, yellow, black, red, green and white.

Finally, let’s present our OEM manufacturer. Master of the FKM vulcanized rubber, it’s a Swiss Manufacturer (of course!) who manufactures our fantastic designs. They are as demanding as we are and we have full confidence in their skills to provide a top quality product.

What about the price grid of this fantastic product, you ask? It’s simple: the price of every item on sale is 150€. That’s all there is to transform your style. And if you are dying to fill up your cart to the brim, find out about our bundles following this link here. With this system, the more you add content to your cart, the more the price per band will go down and your payment will be lighter.
We will wrap up and post your ZEALANDE® bands within 1 working day maximum after we received your order, so you won’t be left waiting for too long.

Icing on the cake: we are so certain about the top quality of the items we post on sale that we offer you a life-time guarantee on every product.


ROLEX® watches are the stars of watches. But you can elevate the game by playing with your bracelet’s color. Here’s our list of tones: black, blue, green, orange, white and red. Imagine all the matches you can achieve with that list of color! Take a quick view to our ambassadors posts on our website: they all have a fantastic style, whatever their ROLEX® watch type, stainless steel, black or blue ceramic bezel, yellow or white gold, all the compatible ROLEX® watches perfectly welcome the size and width of our rubber strap.

By choosing to change your original ROLEX® oyster or jubilee bracelet, you will transform this iconic watch into your very own style. It’s quick and easy and the result is fantastic.


ZEALANDE® bands are equipped with solid spring bars or you can use the genuine one. They make the most reliable link between your ROLEX® and the band. You just have to remove the bars, then the leather or steel bracelet, position your new rubber strap at the center of the lugs. That’s a wrap!

The dimensions of the ZEALANDE® rubber bracelet allow people with a wrist between 15 and 19 cm to wear it, so you don't have to do anything to adapt it.

You will need tools to change your bracelet: we have the perfect items for you. Our spring bar tools, screwdrivers and pliers are as useful for your vintage ROLEX® watch as for your modern one. With those solid tools, precision and a good grip will be in your hand.


It’s really simple to keep your ZEALANDE® rubber bracelet in good condition. Post swim into the sea with your ROLEX® Submariner, post tennis game with your ROLEX® Daytona, after climbing the Everest as did Sir Edmund Hillary with his ROLEX® Explorer or on a daily basis, here’s your chores list:

- clean up your ZEALANDE® rubber strap with a mild liquid type of soap

- rinse it under a trickle of fresh water until there’s no soap left

- wrap and wipe it with a soft cloth until totaly dry

The solid stainless steel buckle just needs to be dried post a workout of a dive into the sea.

This routine will allow you to enjoy your ZEALANDE® rubber bracelet item for years.


Your ROLEX® is your everyday center of attention, but how do you protect it when stored? That iconic item won’t stand to be carelessly left without protection, and a wrap of soft clothing won’t be enough. We have the perfect product. You will find on sale in our on-line shop the right box made of top quality leather for your precious watch.

Each details have been evaluated to protect your ROLEX® watch. Any watch block width and size will fit in this beautiful leather watch box. The flannel padding will wrap your ROLEX® with softness and the original leather tab will protect the back of your watch block. The clasp, positioned in the center of the box, covered by the padding, won’t be in contact with your ROLEX®, so your watch block won’t undergo any abrasion. It’s the perfect box to store your watch, whatever its size or width,

Do you want to match your ROLEX® watch block or your ZEALANDE® band with your leather box? Check out our color list and chose the perfect box color. We provide 6 colors in beautiful shades: blue, orange, brown, black, red and green.


Our bracelets are compatible with many ROLEX® models and our R&D team analyzes every day each ROLEX® item to create compatible rubber straps. You can also find in our website beautiful straps for OMEGA®, Tudor®, Tag Heuer® and other luxury brand watches. Have a quick view now and then, as we post new items regularly. You will see how our products range grows frequently.

Concerning ROLEX® watches, our bracelets are 100% compatible with no less than 10 watch versions of different size and width. You will find many other products in our web site grid, just choose your model in the filter.

- ROLEX® Submariner
- ROLEX® Submariner « Hulk »
- ROLEX® Daytona
- ROLEX® Sea-Dweller
- ROLEX® Explorer 36mm & 39mm
- ROLEX® Air-King 40mm
- ROLEX® Oyster Perpetual 36mm & 39mm
- ROLEX® Milgauss
- ROLEX® Yacht-Master 5 digits & 6 digits
- ROLEX® DateJust 36mm


It’s simple, our price grid comes in only one number: 175 USD.

We know our ZEALANDE® rubber bands style is fantastic. It’s hard to select only one item to put in your cart and the payment of several bands can be tough.

You want to offer a beautiful rubber band to your friend, or maybe matching straps to your parents? And your sister and brother shouldn’t be left without such a beautiful item, should they? So we created the ZEALANDE® bundles. It’s so simple to create your own bundle: the more you put ZEALANDE® rubber straps in your cart, the more your total payment is interesting. You just have to add the bracelets to your cart to see the discount automaticaly apply and your payment per bracelet diminishes while your cart’s content rises.


Our entire list of ZEALANDE® rubber bands for ROLEX® watches is on sale in our on-line shop. You can find all our physical shops locations here. Just type your location in the research filter and you will find the links to the nearest ZEALANDE® retailers in no time.


Our entire list of ZEALANDE® rubber bands for ROLEX® watches is on sale in our on-line shop. You can find all our physical shops locations here. Just type your location in the research filter and you will find the links to the nearest ZEALANDE® retailers in no time.

Our shipping deployment offers a free DHL Express Worldwide shipping for you to quickly receive your cart’s content in any place on the planet.

We will wrap up in a box and post your band within 1 working day after receiving your order.

Welcome to ZEALANDE® world, here is the most beautiful, reliable and solid rubber bracelet you will find. Find out in our rubber strap range the perfect item with the perfect color to replace your original watch band, custom your ROLEX®, add a leather watch pouch to protect it, enjoy your new style and post a picture on our social medias, we wait for you!


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