ZEALANDE BUNDLES = Buy several rubber straps and save money, click here :-) ZEALANDE BUNDLES = Buy several rubber straps and save money, click here :-)


Choose a ZEALANDE® rubber strap for your Rolex® Submariner watch

Rolex® and the Rolex® Submariner are amongst the most iconic and recognizable watches in the world. Favorite of divers and watch enthusiasts for decades, those watches are typically sold with a steel bracelet, yet you may want a more comfortable and casual option: and now you have found the perfect fit for your high-end watch, a ZEALANDE® rubber strap is an ideal band for your Rolex® dial.

What are the unique qualities of a ZEALANDE® rubber strap for your Rolex® Submariner watch ?

We are high-end watches lovers and our designers team works every day to create the best rubber watch straps for your Rolex® Submariner and all the luxury brands we all admire, as Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, and many more.

Our ZEALANDE® watch straps are made from the most durable, soft, flexible rubber you will find. They are waterproof, durable and resistant. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical alternative for your leather or stainless steel Rolex® watch band.

The specific nature of Rolex® Submariner watches is they need their rubber bands to be slightly curved. Our design makes the ZEALANDE® straps to fit perfectly between your Rolex® Submariner watch lug, preserving its style and its original quality.

A ZEALANDE® Rolex® Submariner rubber strap will fit your wrist with style, it won’t warp, and it won’t tarnish. Whether you want to fit it to a man’s or a woman’s wrist, those straps size will adapt with best comfort. Its spring bars are easy to manipulate and replacing your stainless steel or leather strap with a ZEALANDE® rubber band is quick and easy.

We chose a beautiful color range for our ZEALANDE® rubber bands, a strong black, a bold blue, a vibrant red and a deep green, amongst many other colors. Think of our bundles! And feel free to play with matching your ZEALANDE® rubber band with your look by adding to your cart as many straps as you wish you have: the more in your cart, the lower the price.

Let’s talk about the buckle of ZEALANDE® rubber straps

The strap buckle brings the detail that finishes the look of your Rolex® Submariner watch, and it has to match with its style.

All our ZEALANDE® rubber straps come with a stainless steel tang buckle, carefully designed and easy snap. But we chose to add an option to it: a beautiful stainless steel deployant buckle that will come in 4 different colors to perfectly fit your Rolex® Submariner dial, whether it’s made of ceramic, gold, steel or silver, whether it’s black, blue, grey or green.

What if you want to change your other Rolex® models watch straps ?

Each Rolex® model has its own specifications. That’s why we have created specific straps for each of them.

You will find many rubber straps models on sale in our web shop, as well as the perfect leather case to store your watch and a tool kit to change your bracelet quick and easy.

How resistant is a ZEALANDE® rubber strap ?

Well, strong enough to climb with you the top of Mount Everest, reliable enough to dive with you at the bottom of the ocean and comfortable enough for you not to feel it when you take a nap.

The vulcanized rubber ZEALANDE® straps are made of is the best product you can find for a rubber band. Its long-lasting quality, its suppleness and its style will make it your watch best companion for a relaxed yet fit look.

Our shipping policy

We deliver our ZEALANDE® rubber bands all over the world with a fast-shipping policy, fees depending on your location.

And finally, all our ZEALANDE® Rolex® Submariner rubber straps come at one price: 189€. And you can save up to 30% by buying them in bundles, so the more you fill up your cart, the best deal you’ll have.


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