Our Breitling® rubber straps

Are you the proud owner of a Breitling® watch? Congratulations, you’re wearing one of the most emblematic watch, bearer of one of the most historic heritage.
But, as luxuous a Breitling® watch is, whether it’s destined to be worn by men or women, it needs maintenance and new components, as a new strong strap, a new stainless steel tang or deployant buckle.
Specifically with the iconic Breitling® Superocean watch, that every ocean diver knows and loves, you will need a beautiful yet strong, resistant and waterproof strap.
Luxury watches also need to be stored, preferably in a beautiful leather pouch.
You will find all those items on sale at a reasonable price in our online shop, everything you need to pamper your Breitling® watch, without paying a stratospheric price for it.

Either your Breitling® is a Endurance Pro, a Superocean Automatic 44, a Superocean Automatic 42 or a Chronomat B01 42, what you will find on sale on our ZEALANDE® shop website are super strong and beautiful rubber straps, coming in a wide range of colors as black, brown, blue, green, white and red, a designed stainless steel buckle declined in a tang or deployant format, also leather pouches and rolls. All those items are on sale at a fair price, with a quick shipping all over the world.

What are the assets of a ZEALANDE® vulcanized rubber strap?

Most of all, a ZEALANDE® rubber strap provides durability. It’s resistant to water, oil and UV radiation, even ocean salty water if you own a Breitling® Superocean, oil and UV radiation. Whether you’re a diver, a pilot, or you just enjoy basking in the sun, those straps won’t fail you and you can acquire them at a competitive price.

Also, we give you the choice to go for a tang stainless steel buckle with which all our straps are offered. Or you can choose the deployment stainless steel buckle.

A ZEALANDE® rubber strap is low-maintenance, easy to clean and will last for years.

It comes in a range of colors as strong black, bold blue, vibrant red and bright white.

Unlike a silicone strap, it won’t warp, and it won’t tarnish. At an equivalent price, you can shop an original bracelet with a long-lasting quality.

So, it’s time for you to subtly change your Breitling® watch look.

Even the best watches require occasional replacement of parts. Here at ZEALANDE® we love Breitling® watches. If you’re looking for a high-quality band replacement for your Breitling® watch, you’re at the right place! All the rubber straps we have created are the perfect fit for any of the luxury watch models we selected. And there’s a large selection to choose from! Our dedicated designers team works every day to create new straps for each of your preferred brands, as the Breitling® Navitimer or the Breitling® Avenger range that will soon be on sale in our shop, at the same price as our other straps.
If you are tired of your black leather strap, go for a bold blue or a bright white strap. We even provide a beautiful red band for your Breitling® Superocean Automatic 42. Feel free to change your rubber strap anytime you want to. ZEALANDE® rubber straps allow you to a perpetual change of looks for your high-end watches, Breitling®, Rolex®, Omega® or many other brands!

ZEALANDE® rubber straps are also an original way to preserve your leather band if you are an ocean diver or for men and women who are sport addicts.

And for more personalization, feel free to choose between a tang stainless steel buckle or a deployment stainless steel buckle. Carefully designed by our dedicated team, our buckles, just as our rubber bands, fit all the watch brands and are easy to maintain, easy to wear, will go into the ocean as well as at the gym.

Why change your Breitling® watch strap

Do you really need a reason to change your Breitling® strap? For fun might be a reason good enough!
Of course, if your Breitling® watch original leather black or blue strap is losing its brightness or if its stainless steel buckle is outdated, you will want to gear up your Breitling® watch with a brand new bracelet.
You may simply want to put some fun onto your wrist and add some colors: our red rubber strap for the Superocean Automatic 42 will just do the trick.

If you want to match your look with your Breitling® watch strap, shop a bundle of our ZEALANDE® rubber straps and fall for a range of colors where you will find the perfect one: black, blue, green, white or red.

Maybe your activities have a claim for a bulletproof strap, and you want to preserve your black leather band. An ocean diver with a Breitling® Superocean watch or a pro speed racer with a Breitling® Endurance Pro watch will prefer to spare their leather watch strap and go for a ZEALANDE® vulcanized rubber bracelet during their activities, for they are perfect for  maximum comfort and don’t fear any occupational hazzard, unlike leather strap. They are flexible and soft, providing a snug fit that won’t slip or slide around. We chose to let the USD buckle aside and allow to customize your ZEALANDE® rubber band with a stainless steel tang buckle or a stainless steel deployment buckle, that’s your choice. Say goodbye to your old silicone strap, keep your leather band out of your sweaty endeavors: a ZEALANDE® rubber band will give you much more satisfaction.

And for maximum fun, save up by ordering bundles of our ZEALANDE® straps on our online shop. You can save up to a 30% discount on each strap price. That is a good reason to change your Breitling® watch strap and play with our color range. Don’t regret that you only have that bright white, that deep blue or that strong black bracelet: feel free to shop it in bundles! For an equal shipping price, you will have the joy of new straps to dress your dial watch matching all your looks.

How to change your Breitling® watch bracelet to a ZEALANDE® rubber strap

Changing your Breitling® watch original strap to a ZEALANDE® rubber band is quick and simple. Save some time with our expert tool kit, as it has all the tools you need with a set of pliers, a spring bar tool and a dial watch cleaning cloth included at a very affordable price.
All you have to do is to remove the spring bars from your watch, then gently pull off the original leather or stainless steel bracelet from your Breitling® watch, position your new rubber band and replace the links. You’ve done it like a pro!

How to store your Breitling® watch

When you take off your Breitling® watch at night, when you travel or when you, let’s say, hunt an alligator like a pro, maybe you want to keep your watch and above all its dial safe from any scratch.

That’s why we created the perfect, high quality leather storage items.

All watch brands will fit in our pouches: Breitling® of course but also your Rolex®, Omega® or Tag Heuer® and many others.
By the way, if you’re obsessive about the genre, you may need a storage item that will allow to protect and carry your watches together in one leather pouch: here’s the ZEALANDE® roll, perfect for your needs. Its three large storage units will perfectly embrace your watches.

How to take care of your ZEALANDE® rubber watch strap

A ZEALANDE® vulcanized rubber watch band is a sporty option for your high-end watch. That strap can bear the salty ocean as well as a speed racer sweat. Unlike any silicone band, its suppleness and strongness allow its shape to remain beautiful for a long time. No stitching for dust to accumulate between, and bright colors (black, green, brown, white and red). A good option if you want to preserve your Breitling® leather strap.
In addition, the high-quality rubber of our watch straps, not like silicone straps, are easy to take care of: water and a bit of soap, gently rub, rinse and dry carefully, you’re done.

Choose your ZEALANDE® watch stainless steel buckle for your ZEALANDE® rubber strap

A stainless steel buckle is the fashion accessory of your high-end watch. The USD buckle seems like one is not aiming for quality - so we chose to deliver your brand-new rubber bracelet with a stainless steel tang buckle and you have the option of choosing our deployment stainless steel buckle to perfect your customization. This deployment buckle perfectly finishes the look of our rubber straps at a reasonable price. Look at our style and price just here: our steel deployment buckle.

A USD buckle is often used on sport watch straps. But we chose otherwise. We prefer the classic looks of a tang or deployment stainless steel buckle, with our original design, to fit high-end watch brands.

Where to find your new Breitling® ZEALANDE® rubber strap

We provide rubber straps for a wide range of high-end watches for we love those luxury beauties. You can find those straps in our web shop or in our retailers boutiques.

Breitling® is one of the favorite watch brands in the world. In our web shop, you will also find that we sale rubber straps for those high-quality brands: Rolex®, Omega®, Tag Heuer®, Tudor®, Jaeger-Lecoultre®, Meistersinger®, Panerai®, Seiko®, Sinn®, Titoni®, Vertex® and Zenith®! And of course, each of our straps for every brand come in our bright colors: black, blue, white, red and even for some brands orange or brown.

All our straps are available at the same price: 149€, 189€ for some watch brands and shipping fees apply differently depending on the country they are sent to.
Here’s a tip: save up by ordering our ZEALANDE® rubber straps bundles. The straps price will drop by 10% if you purchase 2 rubber straps, by 15% if you shop 3 rubber straps, and so on. Better than any sale.


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