Alexander alias Herrstilen sur Instagram

Alexander (Sweden)

        Alexander, passionate about new technologies, he is currently a student in computer science and robotics. In love with...

Andrew alias Watchandrew_ sur Instagram

Andrew (United Kingdom)

       Andrew, is our Youtuber Ambassador who always has a smile on his face. He works in the construction...

Aziz alias Watchmyaz sur Instagram

Aziz (France)

       Aziz, he is the great sportsman of the team, always at the top and ready to put on...

Adrien (France)

Adrien (France)

      Adrien, it is our photographer who knows how to sublimate in particular his superb Rolex GMT BLNR "Batman"...

Christian alias Mrlumshot sur Instagram

Christian (Norway)

    Christian , it is our Norwegian expert for pictures of watches with low luminosity... and also in macro ... Passionate...

Daniel (Singapore)

Daniel (Singapore)

        Daniel, he is the student of the team, passionate about beautiful watches, a bit of a geek and...

David alias David___6028 sur Instagram

David (France)

       David, my friend passionate about watchmaking for many years, he regularly wears one of my favorite Rolex, a...

Didier alias Nicedily sur Instagram

Didier (France)

       Didier, you only have to go and have a look at his INSTAGRAM ou FLICKR page to see...

Ferenc alias sur Retekg Instagram

Ferenc (Hungary)

        Ferenc is our man of law... yes, you know, those people who are dressed in a toga... But...

Justin (United States)

Justin (United States)

        Justin, he is our professional photographer, he has the art and the way to photograph the watches in...

Kelly alias @Our.our.own.time sur Instagram

Kelly (United States)

      Kelly, is the first female Ambassador of ZEALANDE. She works for a computer software company. Her first passion...

Michael (Indonesia)

Michael (Indonesia)

         Michael, is our Ambassador who works in banking, he loves numbers and financial investments. But he also...

Ondra alias Tempusx ur Instagram

Ondra (Czech Republic)

      Ondra, he is our second man of law, of the team... decidedly, we are well protected at Zealande.......

Stéphane (France)

Stéphane (France)

       Stephane, is the mad scientist of the team, he is constantly experimenting with extraordinary stagings. Light, explosions of...

@Watches_girl_life Trish

Trish (Australia)

       Trish, this is our third ZEALANDE® Female Ambassador. Australian, when not working in the IT industry, she enjoys...

Saša (Czech)

Saša (Czech)

     Saša, is our former professional sportsman. As a hockey player from a very young age he stopped hundreds...


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