The complete guide to the Tudor Black Bay range

Tudor was previously known as a poor man’s Rolex and you would only choose Tudor because you couldn’t afford other watches from different brands. However, in recent items, this could not be further from the truth. Tudor have grown and become very successful with each of their launches for new and improved models, but it can be a bit confusing to know which watches belong to which family. The first thing to understand is that the Tudor Black Bay range actually first came to life in 2012 and it has massively grown since then, but despite all the many different models, they all have 200m of water resistance. Today we are going to take a closer look at Tudors most popular and successful watch line, the Black Bay range.

Deciphering the Tudor Black Bay range: A detailed look at the different models

With regards to which models from Tudor sit under the Black Bay range, they have a total of 9 different models, however you could argue it is slightly less than that because some of them are the same model just made from a different material. The first model you’ll see on their website is the Black Bay, the classic 41mm diver watch that started the line off all together. The all new red bezel BB 41 with a jubilee bracelet has really caught the attention of the watch press and its new glidelock clasp has massively improved its wearability. The second one is the famous BB54, a watch that has now offered people with smaller wrists a chance to comfortably wear an excellent divers watch with all the features you’d want in a neat package.

Tudor Black Bay

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Black Bay

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The third watch is the Black Bay 31/36/39/41, the numbers refer to the case diameters, much like the Rolex Datejust line, theses come on Tudor’s own take of the jubilee bracelet with the new clasp making them an excellent watch if you are someone who enjoys sporting activities but dresses on the formal side for work. Perhaps the biggest difference between this line and all the other Black Bay models is that this range has so many different size offerings which allows for you to get the perfect fit.

In fourth, the Tudor Black Bay GMT, as you’ll not be so surprised to know, allows you to track the time zone in three different time zones. If you are someone who works with people around the world or likes to frequently travel and want to know if you're about to call your family at some ungodly hour in the morning, the Black Bay GMT is the perfect one for you. With the classic blue and red bezel, you can choose a crisp white or gloss black dial, for those seeking two-tone there is a yellow golf and steel model with a brown and black bezel.

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Racing Heritage Revived: Exploring Tudor's Black Bay Chronograph

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The fifth model on Tudors website, one of their best-selling watches, the Black Bay chronograph is their sporty model with a striking white, Panda style to it or a striking black dial with a matching black bezel. One of their bigger models within the Black Bay range but the only chronograph. This watch just looks every bit the sports watch it is and if you are into motorsport this really is the perfect watch for you

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In sixth and seventh, the next line up is the very famous BB58 and 58 Bronze, interesting to see how Tudor created a whole separate line for the Bronze BB58, but then again it is the only BB58 model that features Tudors glidelock clasp. First launched back in 2018, the BB58 is Tudors dive watch offering, it still has the same 200m of water resistance as all the others in the Black Bay line up, however it has an aluminium diver’s bezel that can be used to safely time your dives.

bb58 RANGE

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Featuring the classic three link bracelet with faux rivets along the side, the BB58 is an extremely wearable dive watch at 39mm. This range is also the range with by far the most variation in terms of material choice, you can choose between steel, yellow gold, silver, and even bronze!

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Next up in eighth in Tudors Black Bay range is the Tudor Black Bay Pro, many people wonder what the difference between this model is and the BB GMT, but there are a few. The first is the BB Pro can only track two time zones, as it does not have a rotating bezel like the GMT model does. For those with smaller wrists seeking a dual time zone watch from Tudor, this could be the one for you as the lug-to-lug measurement is 3 mm shorter compared to the BB GMT. However, the biggest difference is the clasp, the BB Pro has the Tudor glidelock clasp allowing for 5 mm of quick adjustment without any tools making it an excellent all-round watch to wear for everyday and sporting activities.

Finally, in ninth, the last model in the entire range is the P01, a watch from Tudor not often seen but it still remains an alternative style divers watch. The most interesting thing about this model is that it only comes on a leather strap which is typically not an ideal strap choice if you want to go swimming with it! The 42mm divers watch has a more rustic design with the crown down at the 4 0’clock position, the P01 is a great watch to set you apart from everyone else.


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And there you have, all 9 different models within the Black Bay range at Tudor currently offered in 2024. Despite all of them having their own differences the BB case guarantees you the same 200m of water resistance so you can wear your watch in confidence dressed up for a meal or in swim shorts about to five in the pool! However, for an even more comfortable fit and sporty look, ZEALANDE offers perfectly made rubber straps designed for your Tudor, something no other brands do!