Watches and cars are often the two items people desire to have and purchase to mark or celebrate a milestone. The designing, engineering,  and manufacturing that goes into creating the two ranges massively but we’re going to focus on a match made in heaven. Rolex created the GMT master II back in 1954 and in 2013 they gave us the 116710BLNR, or more commonly known as the batman or batgirl if it's on the Jubilee. BMW, a German car manufacturer, is associated with luxury, high performance and sports cars. 


The iconic blue, white and black logo with its aggressive front grills make them as identifiable on the road as seeing a Rolex on a person's wrist. With ZEALANDE being a proud sponsor of formula Renault and the CEO being a motorsport fanatic, it is about time we talked about the intricate relationship cars and watches share. 

The Batman is an iconic watch from Rolex that people spend years dreaming and lusting after hoping the AD will finally give them the call to come in to pick their watch up. 

The polished centre links, blue and black bezel and GMT function make this watch extremely classy, versatile to wear and practical. Not only can you wear it on your wrist with your best suit on, but you can jump straight into a swimming pool and swim and play sports no problem.


If your current occupation involves talking or communicating with people in different time zones, then with a quick glance down at your wrist you can see the time for them. It really can do it all and that’s exactly what the BMW M4 CS does in the world of watches.

The BMW M4 CS has its distinguishable front and rear diffuser, not ostentatiously in your face screaming ‘I’ve got a sports car’ but rather more of a ‘if you know, you know’. Those of you who know can appreciate what a phenomenal piece of machinery it is yet when you see it on the road, it doesn’t flash in your face like other sports cars do. Its 460 horsepower engine will have you flying round corners and racing around on a racetrack and blisteringly fast speeds. 



However, you can also drive it in a mode where you can relax and enjoy the smooth cruising it offers. The ability to be both a sports car and daily is something car manufactures all struggle with, but the BMW M4 CS hits the spot and ticks all the boxes. Much like its counterpart in the world of watches, the Batman makes for a perfect watch car combination for anyone.

For those that own a sports car and watch, like the Batman and M4 CS, to get the most out of both your car and watch, it is important to have both with the correct specifications. For example if you are taking your car to a race track, it’s important to have the correct tires on the car to maximise grip and speed whilst setting new lap times. Inside the car, your hands will be moving left right and maybe down to a gear stick to shift the gears. 

If you are wearing your watch on a bracelet, like the Batman on oyster, you may not want to wear it on its bracelet as you could risk scratches and it may slide around on your wrist. That’s where a ZEALANDE rubber strap comes into play, designed to perfectly fit your watch and wrist, it makes the watch stay perfectly on your wrist without sliding around.

Rubber strap for ROLEX GMT

The argument can easily be made that heaven on earth exists for car and watch enthusiasts when behind the wheel of a sports car thrashing it around corners whilst wearing your favourite watch. Despite cars and watches not really being the same thing at all, they share many common factors and at the end of the day, they show us what fine engineering can do. 

Particularly in this case, the M4 CS and Rolex Batman are a pair that work so incredibly well together. Both of them are sporty, durable and can be driven/worn on a daily basis and are both based upon generation of engineering and perfection. 

Looking back in time, the Rolex GMT Master II really has not lost its heritage or original roots of design, and nor has the BMW. The reason the batman fits so well with the M4 CS is its colour scheme as well, the blue from the logo with the blakc background matches that of the blue ceramic bezel on the Rolex Batman with its black dial. 

The similarity in colour scheme almost makes you wonder if the designer who created the Rolex GMT Master II Batman was a BMW car enthusiast as well…

Everyone will always have their own preference of watches and cars and that is not only normal but completely okay, however we really think the personalities of the Rolex Batman and BMW M4 CS really make a great team together. What’s even better is that you can purchase one of our ZEALANDE high quality Swiss-made rubber straps for when you're enjoying the motorsport side of things.



Designed to enhance the sportness of your watch, you can choose to match or complement  the colour of your watch and wear your watch confidently whilst racing without worrying about your watch sliding around. We even make a special Batman rubber strap which consists of one strap benign Navy blue and the other black to match the ceramic bezel! Head over to our ZEALANDE website to select your watch and model and choose the perfect strap for you.