How Much Is a Rolex Daytona Worth?

One of if not the most famous watch in the world from a brand that has become a household name. The Rolex Daytona really needs no introduction when it comes to its history, looks and value. Many people hold the Rolex Daytona as one of their ultimate grail watches and can easily spend over 10 years waiting for that special call to come through. The Daytona is highly sought after and for good reason, with its striking chronograph looks, motorsport background and for better or for worse, its value. Today we’re going to take a look at what a modern day Rolex Daytona is worth and why it’s worth what it is.

It might surprise you to know that when the Daytona made its debut in 1963 it was near unsellable! It was perceived as the ugly duckling of all the models Rolex offered back then however that all changed over time. It seems almost unfathomable that you could not only easily have walked into an AD and have the pick of the range and most likely negotiate a discount. That remained the case until relatively recently until around 2017 when they started to become far harder to get. Naturally the simple nature of business, demand vs supply, quickly dictated the premium of acquiring a Daytona without a waitlist. 

Then of course you’ve got the materials themselves. All the Daytona’s use the same calibre 4130 inside of them, however the case and dial can vary significantly in price from one model to another.

Steel is obviously their most cost saving friendly material, however you can choose from yellow, white and rose gold solid cases, two-tone and even platinum!

Gold will come at a higher cost however platinum will be priced far higher than that of gold. This is because not only is platinum a much rarer and more expensive material than gold but also far harder. 

Source : Time & TIde

Therefore, making it difficult to work with and take more time and specialised machinery to create the case out of platinum, a huge addition to the cost of production for Rolex.

Finally, we have the dial, whilst most of them it is just simply a colour preference, meteorite is available, very scarce as it might be, Rolex do offer certain Daytona models with the rare dial. As you can imagine, Meteorite doesn’t exactly grow in the ground, it is really hard to come by and therefore making it very pricy.

Sale Off
49,00 €
Sale Off
189,00 €
Sale Off
189,00 €
Sale Off
15,00 €

Focusing on retail first before talking about their value according to the secondary market, a steal Daytona will set you back 16,225 USD regardless of dial colour. A solid gold Daytona and you can expect to pay anywhere between 35,000 and 43,000 USD depending on whether it’s yellow, white or rose gold. For those who really want a special dial on their wrist, the meteorite dial Daytona will set you back anything from 42,000 USD and upwards depending on whether you get the model on Oysterflex or the solid gold bracelet. 

Source : Monochrome

As you can see, there is a Rolex Daytona for everyone depending on your budget, however the real challenge is managing to get your hands on one, at least at retail. Whilst most watch enthusiasts want to always buy brand new from the AD and pay less than the crazy secondary market prices, it is still important to know the value of your Daytona.

Source : SJX

Whether you are curious to know what your Dayton is worth second hand or you are looking to buy one at market price, it’s always good to know because it might affect your decisions as to whether you wear it or not. We’re not here to debate the safety or risks of wearing a Rolex or any luxury watch for that matter in public but with watches growing in popularity and demand, watch theft has become an issue in certain areas.

So even if you bought your Daytona for 16,250 USD at retail, to a criminal looking for easy money, that Daytona on your wrist could easily be worth double to triple its retail price. So knowing the value of it will help you make a sensible decision as to when and where you’ll wear it!

A steel Daytona from 2014-2022 depending on condition will trade for around 35,000 to 45,000 USD and the two tone Daytona will set you back around 29,000 USD. The Yellow gold Daytona with a green dial is one of the most expensive aftermarket Rolex’s trading at around 100,000 to 140,000 USD along with the solid white gold model with a blue dial will be around 66,000 USD.

Staying in the more expensive region, the oysterflex daytona are all solid gold so will trade around 50,000 however if they feature a metrote dial you can expect the after market to be closer to 180,000 USD. Bear in mind that the yellow gold and green dial, white gold and blue dial and meteorite dial daytona have just been discontinued so these aftermarket prices are likely to change with time .

Source : SJX

There you have it, a list of all the modern day Daytona’s up till 2022 with their respective retail and resell prices. Of course these prices are more likely going to change over time but up, down…who knows? The Rolex Daytona really is a phenomenal watch and you can understand and appreciate the high retail price and due to the low supply, this naturally pushes prices higher. If you are looking to wear your stunning Daytona whilst driving or racing, make sure to look at the ZEALANDE webpage to find the perfect rubber strap to elevate its sportiness. With 8 colours available to you, you can definitely get the perfect look you want for your Rolex Daytona!