Seiko, a watch brand that really needs no introduction at all, worn by people from every background and has a history of making incredible watches for price. Whether it's a dress piece like their presage or cocktail time, GMT watch or your famous 007 dive watch, Seiko really have mastered the art of supplying the world with a broad range of timepieces. However, if there is one fault to pick that many watch enthusiasts around the world share, it usually comes down to the bracelet. Seiko does offer a great bracelet for the price but sometimes you may find yourself looking for another strap option altogether. So knowing how to remove the strap will be important and also useful for adjusting the Seiko band you currently have. Hence today, we’re going to go over how you can adjust your seiko watch band and change it out for something new if you wish.

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Adjusting a Seiko watch strap typically involves resizing the strap to fit your wrist comfortably. There are definitely a few tools you are going to need before you start even trying to adjust the bracelet. Also, please keep in mind some Seiko watch models have different bracelets with different mechanisms for adjusting the strap, so be sure to consult your watch's specific manual if you have it. 

If not, simply check the side of your bracelet where the pins or screws are, if they look like they have a flat head with a notch like a screw driver could unscrew it, you a bracelet that utilises their screw system. If it looks like a smooth flat head, then you have a pin system to adjust your Seiko bracelet. Each one of these two systems are just as good as each other, the only thing you need to be aware of is how it will change how you adjust the bracelet.

The first steps to adjusting a Seiko Strap

It is important to note that older models from before 2010 will likely be slightly different to the modern watch strap systems used today. Usually the only difference will be removing the bracelet itself, older Seiko’s will have exterior holes on the lugs instead of the modern ones which are not visible from the side but from the watch case back. So, do not worry if your watch does not look or have certain features exactly mentioned in this article, the same principles will still apply so you’ll still be able to follow along without any issues. 

Depending on how pristine and scratch free you would like your case back of your watch to be, you can apply some electrical tape around the lugs to avoid the spring bars scratching them as you remove or insert them. One thing to note, most people do not worry too much about this since it’s on the back of the watch you really won’t be able to notice it and if you do not change or adjust your Seiko band it’s unlikely any scratches will really show.

Seiko Strap
Removing Strap on Seiko

Following on from the movement, complications and other features are all signs of a luxury watch. However, it does not necessarily mean that the more complicated the watch is, the more luxurious it is. Take the forever iconic Rolex Submariner no-date, it simply tells you the time and no more. But the simplicity of itself, how reliable it is, the fact it can tell you the time 300m underwater or cruising in a plane across the sky, something simple yet impeccably well-made is still very much luxurious.

That said, most luxurious watch brands will create watches with complications such as a perpetual calendar, chronograph, moonphase, tourbillon or even a minute repeater (the movement that chimes a tune at a certain time). These movements are incredibly difficult to make and yet alone make them so they can withstand the test of time.

The first set of tools you are going to need to use will be a small flat head screwdriver, maybe even some electrical tape, a pin tool remover or watch tweezers and soft cloth. You’re going to want to first make sure you’ve the perfect workspace laid out to make sure you can easily remove the metal watch band safely and without causing any damage. Lay down a soft cloth or towel onto a firm surface to prevent scratching the watch or the strap when removing the bracelet. Seiko watches usually have different types of straps: metal bracelets, leather straps or a rubber strap. The resizing process can vary based on the type of strap. If it's a metal bracelet, you will need to add or remove some links to get the correct size. A good thing to do as well would be to try and guess how many links need to be added or removed so you have a rough idea on how many links you will need to unscrew.

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Removing Strap on Seiko

Turn the watch over on its face so the case back is pointing upwards towards you, the side with the links. Take a look at the spring bars and once you can see where they are slowly and carefully push one side in before using a finger to push the middle part of the link out. Repeat this process on the other side until you can slide the end link out and away from the watch case. This process is made much easier with watch tweezers as all you have to do is slot both ends of the tweezers over each end of the spring bar and then press until they both come contract. The advantage with this is you can quickly and easily remove the bracelet in one fluid motion avoiding the chance of scratching your watch or bracelet.

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Changing your Seiko Strap

Once you’ve removed the metal bracelet you will need to examine the links on their sides. You can usually see small arrows or indicators on the inside of the links showing you the direction to push out the pins. Use a spring bar tool or a small precision screwdriver to remove the pins, Insert the tool's pointed end into the small hole on the side of the link and gently push to release the spring bar that holds the link in place. Once you’ve pushed it out, remove the necessary links you need to get the perfect fit. 

Removing Strap on Seiko

If you have screws, which is unlikely to be the case with Seiko but certain models do have them, all you need to do is use a small flat head screwdriver to loosen the screw. The process is exactly the same as pins after that, remove all the needed screws first, then remove or add in the links you need before screwing the links back together again. Don’t forget to keep the links you just removed in case you decided you want to extend the bracelet at a later date! And once again, make sure you do this process with both the watch and bracelet on a soft surface to avoid damaging the bracelet or watch case during the process.

Seiko on metal Strap

Now that you have removed or added the link you need to get the perfect fit for your watch, you now need to reattach the bracelet back onto your watch case. To reattach the bracelet, line up the remaining links and push the spring bar back in place using the tool you used to remove them. For certain Seiko models, you may notice you have a diver's extension clasp on your bracelet or micro adjustment along the side of the clasp. If that is the case, make sure you have first tried adjusting that if you only need to make a minor adjustment. You don’t want to have to remove or add a link for no reason so always double check to see whether or not you actually need to remove the whole bracelet or if you can just quickly slide the bracelet along the clasp.

Fitting a rubber Strap on your Seiko

Source : Seiko Boutique

When it comes to resizing a Leather or rubber strap for your Seiko watch it should normally be quite self-explanatory, especially if it uses a buckle and pin system. If your strap has a classic buckle and pin, all you have to do is thread the leather strap side with the holes in it through the buckles. Pull it through until it is as tight as you want it and then push the pin into the nearest hole and tuck the excess leather or rubber under the keeper. However, especially for the more expensive Seiko’s, you may find that your rubber or leather strap has a deployment clasp function instead of a buckle and pin. If this is the case you will have to adjust the setting of where the clasp holds onto the strap. 

You need to unbuckle the metal part that clamps onto the leather side with the adjusting holes on it and then slide it higher or lower up the bracelet depending on how tight or loose you want the fit. Then, push the clamp back down and make sure it is securely fastened before pushing any excess fabric through the keepers. Once you’ve done all of these steps, you are now ready to wear your well-fitted watch around comfortably!

Zealande have excellent rubber straps designed for your Seiko presage, the strap will perfectly fit your case and feel better than the OEM. Whilst Seiko do make great watches and straps for the price, ZEALANDE focuses on producing nothing but the best rubber straps for watches. The feel, quality and durability of them is unparalleled so if your Seiko watch wants an upgrade, look no further than ZEALANDE for your option. Even if you do not own or have a Seiko presage, ZEALANDE have universal rubber straps which can fit to any watch case so long as it has a lug width of either 20 or 22 mm. 

This is also great for preserving your original bracelet or if you cannot get the perfect fit because there is no micro adjustment, these rubber straps will definitely fix that problem for you. Not to mention, with their being many colour options you can have a bit of fun giving your Seiko many different looks.

Seiko Turtle on Blue Rubber Strap

Adjusting a watch strap can seem daunting, especially if it’s a metal one, but through time and practice you will easily be able to resize bracelets of all kinds with different systems. But, if the idea of adjusting your own watch strap really doesn’t appeal to you, there's always another easier and safer option. Head down to your local jewellers or AD where you bought the watch from. Any jeweller or sales rep in an AD will almost always be able to easily adjust the strap for you there and then. If you can, head to the AD where you bought the watch as they will more than likely offer this service free of charge. 

Seiko Présage on White Rubber Strap

That said, even if you have to pay, it should not cost you more than a few dollars to do so. Even if you are comfortable with the idea of adjusting your own Seiko watch strap, you might not have the tool you need yet. So, whilst you wait for the tools you ordered to arrive, if you need the bracelet adjusted urgently, head down to your nearest jewellers or AD as they can easily help you out. You could also ask them for help and advice on how to adjust the bracelet as well, you never know who might have a useful tip or two for you!

Now that you know how to adjust your Seiko watch band you may be wanting to have some decent tools for the job and maybe another strap option whilst you’re there adjusting yours. ZEALANDE have the perfect watch tools available to you, whether you want a simple pin tool, watch tweezers or microfibre cloth, ZEALANDE have a wide range of products for you to use to make adjusting your strap that bit easier. If instead of adjusting your strap you’re looking for an excellent rubber strap alternative, ZEALANDE also has the answer for you! With plenty of different strap colour options available to you, you can have a lot of fun dressing your Seiko with a new rubber strap. Of course, white or black will always be a classic colour and can even make your watch look more formal. So, do not think that rubber straps always have to be bright coloured and an informal strap choice, they can definitely be used for smart!