Back in the 1900 and even early 2000’s, women wore diamonds on the wrist and neck whilst a man would treat himself to a nice watch. However, times have changed and people have moved on and an increasing amount of women are taking more interest in watches. Maybe you’re also looking to get your partner a watch as a gift or even a ‘his and hers’ watch to celebrate a milestone in your lives. Regardless of the reason, we’re here to show you some of the best luxury watches for women from several different watch brands and at different price points.

Watches to start a collection

Starting off with a more entry level of luxury, two great brands to look at for womens watches are Tudor and TagHeuer. Between 1000 to 3000 USD you can find some phenomenal pieces from each of these brands whether you’re looking for a classic or sports watch they’ve got you covered. From TagHeuer we have the option of their new 30mm aquaracer (ref: WBP2411.BA0622), the polished centre links and striking sunburst grooved dial gives the watch a very elegant yet sporty feel.

Tag heuer

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The ladies carrera

Source : Time & TIde

A watch that can be worn in both a formal meeting and equally as well whilst swimming in a pool. For a slightly more elegant design, the ladies Carrera (ref: WBK2311.BA0652) is a simplistic watch that has great heritage with high polished finishing on most of the watch. If a more shiny and formal look is what you're after, the TagHeuer Carrera 36mm could definitely be a good one to look at. With most of TagHeuers watches offering both automatic and quartz, you can select from such a broad range of options that you can be sure to find the perfect watch and model for you.

From Tudor we’ve got the classic Black Bay 58 (ref: ​​M79030N-0001), an elegant vintage inspired dive watch with tones of rose gold and with a case size for 39mm it’s very friendly for slimmer wrists. A watch that has huge amounts of history, heritage and a great design, you can be confident that the Black Bay 58 will never go out of style. Tudor have also recently introduced the Tudor Royal (ref: M28300-0006), and as the name might suggest it’s their elegant watch line with case sizes as small as 28mm available. The sunburst dial, polished finish and shiny bezel really makes for an all-rounder for being both sporty and dressy. 

Tudor Black Bay 58

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Another watch brand that ticks those exact boxes is Omega, whilst slightly more expensive at around the 6000 USD mark, the Aqua Terra (ref: O22010382003001) is a superb all rounder. Elegant is a design with sporty features. It's a do-it-all watch with brushed and polished finishing, elegant lugs and a stunning dial. The specifications are hard to beat for the money, with 150m water resistance, 70 hours power reserve and high magnetic resistance, you can wear this with a dress for dinner as easily as you could in the swimming pool! Omega recently released a new line of Aqua Terra’ featuring over 5 different sunburst dial colours so if adding colour to your wrist is important to you the aqua terra is definitely worth a look.

Watches designed for women

Rolex DateJust

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With a higher budget, Rolex and Cartier are some of the most popular choices amongst female wearers as seen by celebrities and it's easy to see why. Both brands are absolute classics and have designs that have been around for many decades. From Rolex, models such as the DateJust (ref: 126234), Daydate (ref:128239) and Yachtmaster (ref: 268622) are the most elegant and popular. 

All three models feature polished centre links and a high polished finishing to make for a more formal looking watch. Rolex is an excellent brand to consider because it offers so many different styles and more importantly, sizes.

There has been a huge increase in recent years of women wearing more sports watches and larger case sizes but there are still many who enjoy the slimmer, more elang look of watches as small as 28mm. Rolex really helps here, especially the DateJust since it has sizes ranging from 31mm all the way to 41mm with hundreds of dial variations, different metals, bezels and bracelet options.

It is almost impossible to not talk about women’s watches and not mention Cartier. With the French brand having made some of the finest jewellery and watches, the cartier tank (ref WSTA0051) and Ballon Bleu (WSBB0048) have been a huge success amongst female watch wearers. The likes of Princess Diana, Megan Markel and Michelle Obama all have sported the famous Cartier Tank as their main watch and it’s easy to see why. 

The iconic rectangular shape, striking dials with roman numerals and options of metals and straps really have enabled the Tank to become a versatile piece. Similar to Rolex, its thanks to both design, heritage and different model options that make it such an excellent choice for women. 

Cartier tank

Source : SJX

Source : Time & TIde

It goes without saying that there are far too many watch brands to name that make excellent watches for women and all different levels of price point. We have looked at some of the most popular models from various household name brands so if you agree or disagree, that is completely okay! 

The watches mentioned above have great brand heritage, classic styles and different price points giving you the best options to choose from depending on what you prefer.

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