Rolex GMT BLNR: What's the difference between Rolex Batman and Batgirl

The Rolex BLNR (116710BLNR) was first released back in 2013 and because of its striking blue and blackceramic bezel, it soon adopted the nickname of the “Batman”. When it made its debut, it was released only with an oyster bracelet, however that all changed in 2019 when they discontinued it on the oyster bracelet. From 2019, you could only buy GMT blueand black ceramic bezel on a jubilee only which led to it receiving the nickname the “Batgirl”. The watch community felt like the Batman was only to be referred to as the version on an oyster and the Batgirl was to be referred to as the one on the jubilee. 

The first iteration of the Batman in 2013 was with a 40mm case and whilst the new model released in 2019 is laso 40mm, there is on subtle difference. Just like what Rolex did with the Submariner, they did to the GMT line up as well, lug tapering. The lugs on the older models of the GMT were more boxy, just like the old submariner (116610 LN).

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The lug tapering plays a nice tribute to the very first Rolex GMT watches to be made which had very thin lugs, it also gives a more elegant feel and look to the watch itself. Another very subtle difference between the old and new Batman (116710BLNR) is found at the very bottom of the dial at the 6 o’clock position.

Rolex GMT Batman

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The first generation of the Batman had the calibre3186 inside of it which would give you a power reserve of 50 hours, but the new calibre 3285 offers a 70 hours power reserve. Despite both old and new Batman models looking very similar, there is an easy way to tell if it has the old or new movement inside of it by looking at the 6 o’clock position.

The older model has ‘Swiss Made’ at the bottom of the dial while the new has ‘Swiss Crown Made’ at the bottom. A nice little extra attention to detail that Rolex continues to perfect.

Then in 2020 Rolex discontinued the Batgirl all together only to then re-release the Batman AND Batgirl (126710BLNR) in 2021….again. Some liked this as it would give them another chance at getting one at retail, but flippers who hoped its value would skyrocket like the Submariner "Hulk" didn’t like it as much.


The main differences

I think it goes without saying that the most obvious difference between the two models is, one has a classic three link oyster bracelet with a sport foldover clasp and 5mm easy-linkjextention and the other has the iconic five link jubilee bracelet with the same clasp. Whilst both bracelets are equally well made, the oyster has more of a sporty feel to it compared to the elegant and more blingy look of the jubilee bracelet.

Rubber strap ZEALANDE for Yatch Master

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The oyster will also show those pesky hairline scratches a lot more than the jubilee which hides them nicely, just something to bear in mind… This difference ties nicely into the next one, which is the price. Depending on whether you choose the oyster or jubilee will depend on the retail price, and the grey market value as well. As of 2022, the Batman retails for 8,800 USD while the Batgirlretails for 9,700 USD, so you're paying around another 1000 USD to have it on the Jubilee.

Thankfully, if you were wanting a more sporty, durable and less blingy option, ZEALANDE has plenty of options in terms of colours. Regardless of whether you own or want the Batman or Batgirl and want an ultimate sporty option, you can’t beat rubber as a durable option.

ZEALANDE have made a fantastic alternative to the oyster or jubilee bracelet that is made to fit both watch cases perfectly ensuring a professional look that can reassure you your watch is ready for any sports you want to do. ZEALANDE offers multiple colours with a classic tang buckle which allows you to get a perfect fit and if you need to re adjust the size, you can very quickly size up or down to suit your wrist size!


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Almost as importantly, the second hand value of these watches (assuming they're both in equal conditions) are pretty equal, both Batman and Batgirl hold a value of around 20,000 USD plus or minus up to 1000USD depending on condition in 2022. In terms of availability, Rolex states that they produce equal numbers of the Batman and Batgirl and both are highly sought after sport pieces so I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear that yes there’s a waitlist.

The second hand market value difference is definitely a key difference between the two as there will be people out there who purchase luxury items but also consider investment potential.

For most people, a 9,700 USD watch is very expensive for a luxury watch and some would rather spend the money elsewhere. However this is the advantage with these two models, if ever you were to face hard times or simply fall out of love with either one and want to change, you can. Not only can you then get your money back, you could potentially over double your money depending on the condition!

Other than their retail price, market pricevalue and bracelet, they are identical. Whilst being very similar, to the watch community they are also very different since these subtle differences change the motives people buy them for. For some, it’s the way it looks on your wrist and the sportive look of the watch itself.

Source : Monochrom watch

For others it's knowing which one will increase in value more over time, all of these differences are just differences, the batman or batgirl is not better than each other. This is to remind you all that you should buy what you love and in this case, do you prefer the oyster or jubilee?Once you’ve asked yourself that question and answered it, you’ll know which ones for you!

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