Most watch enthusiasts, and people for that matter, if asked ‘if you can have any omega which one would you choose’ could name and picture the model they lust after. Omega is a strong household name with it being heavily involved in sponsorships such as the Olympic games, James bond, the Moon landing and many other famous events and celebrities. Through these endorsements, Omega has become a watch most seek to own and purchase. However, when one knows which watch they desire, it can be hard to know where you can actually buy an Omega and where else can you buy it?

Omega Shop

To state the obvious, an Omega boutique is always a palace to go to if you are looking to purchase an Omega watch! Omega has many boutiques across the world in most countries across the different continents. Some of them are independently set up along a high street in towns and cities whilst others are inside of shopping centres. However, they are all Omega owned stores that sell watches that came directly from the watch factories in Switzerland.

For the most part, they will have at least two or three different variations of each model Omega owns, and if they don’t, they can always order one in for you. This can sometimes be the case if you’re looking to purchase a model that you have selected many options from, but don’t worry, your local Omega boutique can relatively easily have one shipped to their store within a week to a month depending on the model. 

Omega Speedmaster

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Additionally, you can even order directly from the Omega website if you don't live near an Omega boutique or you simply want to open your brand new Omega that you’ve lusted after for so long within the comfort of your own home. This is very similar to what an Omega boutique will do if they don’t currently have the model you wish for in stock. If going into a boutique is not an experience you like or want then this is a great way to purchase and enjoy your watch. 

Second hand Omega Seamaster

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Similarly, if you are looking at going second hand, for example purchasing through Chrono24, then they will also deliver the watch to your house. Online watch shopping has increased over the years due to convenience and sometimes even safety, not to mention a certain virus that circled the world has left some still vulnerable so don’t worry, you can still obtain your beloved Omega and have it delivered to your door!

Omega's shopping experience

For the most part, people like to go into a boutique to get the full experience of purchasing a luxury watch. Oftentimes you can sometimes get free champagne or  drink of some sort with a sales assistant to show you all the details of your new Omega. Not to mention they can then directly size the metal bracelet for you there and then. But Omega boutiques are not the only in-person building you can purchase a new Omega from. Like many other watch brands, they use authorised dealers (AD). An AD is usually a chain of shops that sells luxury jewellery and watches and Omega will partner with them to sell their timepieces. You can find ADs all over the world and they are typically found in shopping centres, one advantage to going into ADs is that you can see many different watch brands in the same store. If you were debating between getting an Omega over another brand, the AD will be able to help you compare and contrast all the watches you're looking at.

Omega Shop

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Whilst this next one is not exactly a different type of store, it is a different location and a common onee for Omega’ to be bought and that in the Airport. Even smaller airports are beginning to introduce watch shops but any medium and certainly large airports will have either one, if not more, Omega boutiques. Depending on where you’re travelling to and which airport you are flying from or transferring through, you can even purchase your Omega tax free which can save hundreds and even thousands. So the next time you travel through an airport be aware that you can purchase your dream Omega watch there!

If buying your omega watch from an Omega boutique or AD is not what you want, you can always look at grey market dealers as well. Make sure though they are reputable dealers that you can trust. You can go into their shops to look at the Omega you’re interested in and if they do not have the model you’re after they can source it for you. The main advantage to this is you can save quite a bit of money on buying an Omega that’s literally brand new. There is no right or wrong way to buy your Omega, buying it at retail from an AD or from a grey market dealer, it comes down to what you value most and prefer. A lot of grey market dealers will also have a website for you to order from as well if ordering online if buying on-person isn’t your style.

Zealande rubber straps

Despite Omega offering rubber straps for their watches, here at ZEALANDE we offer perfectly fitted rubber straps for OMEGA made in Switzerland. They come in a variety of colours as well so you can choose the perfect colour to either match or compliment your Omega watch. Regardless of whether you buy an Omega watch from an Omega boutique, an AD or form a grey market dealer in-person or online, adding a rubber strap to your Omega helps give it a new look and sporty feel to wear and use.