We’re now sailing through the early days of 2024 and if you are in the market for a watch, especially some form of a luxury watch then you will likely be overwhelmed by choice. There are so many excellent watchmakers and brands with rich heritage and iconic timepieces. However, one brand that really hits the nail on the head when it comes to build quality, history, design and value, Tudor is a brand to be looked at. There are plenty of other brands that make impeccable watches with iconic designs but there is something special about Tudor. No one would ever call you snobby or think you were trying to show off wearing a Tudor but rather smile as they know you have an incredible eye for a brand that knows how to craft a perfect watch to last the test of time.

Tudor Watches

The beginnings of Tudor in precision watchmaking

Tudor was established by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, in 1926 and has a strong reputation in the watchmaking industry for making pure tool watches with the seamless ability to be worn as a daily watch as well. With Tudor being a sister company to Rolex, a watch brand that everyone knows and many lust after, gives a certain trust instantly to Tudor. Rolex never makes poorly made or not well thought of designs and if Tudor is its sister company, well then it must be good as Rolex would never allow anything to tarnish its reputation. 

Older Tudor models pre-2000 used a fair few parts from Rolex, which is no bad thing and goes to show how closely linked the two brands are. Not that it is required by any means but if you want a watch with a brand that designs and supplies watches to groups that use them in the most testing of scenarios, Tudor supplies them to a few elite military groups around the world.

Tudor's watche

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Tudor watches are crafted with precision and nothing but high-quality materials to ensure a watch that will last the test of time and can be passed down for generations. The brand is committed to producing durable timepieces that meet stringent Swiss watchmaking standards and with many Tudor models featuring robust cases, reliable movements, and excellent finishing, Tudor does just that. 

Whether you want a stainless steel, gold, bronze, or titanium watch Tudor can produce them to the highest quality and their durability is what makes them so special. Not only is Tudor’s quality excellent but as are their designs, with icons such as the Black Bay 58, the Pelagos and chronograph, Tudor has really become the subject of talk within the watch world for all the right reasons. They often combine modern aesthetics with vintage-inspired elements, appealing to individuals who appreciate a blend of classic and contemporary styles.

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While Tudor watches are considered luxury timepieces, they are generally more affordable than Rolex, Omega and Cartier watches to name but a few brands. This makes Tudor an attractive option for those seeking a high-quality Swiss watch without the premium price tag associated with some other luxury brands. Additionally, in a world where certain brands are in such demand availability is limited, for those wanting to decide on your perfect watch and head out to a couple of AD’s to get it then Tudor can tick that box.

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Whilst selling a watch you love is never a nice thought, should an unfortunate time of financial difficulty find its way to you, your Tudor can be sold for almost its retail price. This is great because if you want to save a couple hundred dollars you can buy pre-owned and if you want the full AD luxury experience you can and you’re not going to walk out the door with a watch that instantly loses value. 

A Tudor watch for every occasion

Tudor chrono


Tudor offers a diverse range of watches, catering to various tastes and preferences. Whether you're interested in diving watches, chronographs, or more classic timepieces, Tudor has a broad collection to choose from. Individuality has never been more prominent than it has over the last few years and it’s nice to see Tudor integrating that perfectly whilst simultaneously preserving its classic designs. Being able to express yourself more freely in your own style is easily possible as Tudor offer almost always the same model in multiple colours and materials. 

With Tudor offering so many diverse styles it is more than possible to find a watch at Tudor that suits you. With classic models with a jubilee bracelet, dressy occasions are covered as much as casual pens with a BB58 or 54 on your wrist as you jump into the pool. Into motorsport? The Tudor chronograph is the one for you, a watch that when Tudor released was near impossible to get as Tudor couldn’t make enough of them!

Tudor Chrono

Ultimately, choosing a Tudor watch is a personal decision based on all the above-mentioned factors such as design preferences, brand heritage, quality, and the specific features offered by each model. Tudor is a brand that you can’t help but like, it’s not trying to be pretentious in any way, it’s not designed to be worn as a status symbol, only an impeccable watch that you can wear anywhere anytime. The other excellent reason for Tudor is the Black Bay heritage, Pelagos, Chronograph and vintage submariners can fit a ZEALANDE rubber strap, and if you’ve got one of their dive watches taking tis sportiness level to the next one is easily done with a high-quality ZEALANDE rubber strap for your Tudor's Watches. Not only does it look fantastic it also helps preserve your Tudor’s bracelet and thanks to the 316L pin buckle, the strap sits nice and close to your wrist giving your watch a sporty sleek look and feel.