A colour that cannot go unnoticed, screams warm Summer time swimming and shares the same colour made famous with the legendary car manufacturer Porsche. Miami Blue is definitely a more unique colour that is not so commonly seen on watch straps but has definitely started to gain popularity over the years. From celebrities changing their bracelet for a Miami blue strap to people wanting a bit more of a Summer look, Miami blue really is something of a special colour. That’s why ZEALANDE has only gone and done and brought us a fantastic new Miami blue strap with their new fantastic upgrades. Today,

we’re going over the new ZEALANDE Miami blue rubber strap and why you need it.

Why the name Miami Blue?

To start with, how did the colour even get the ‘Miami blue’? Well to cut a long story short, Miami is a city in the state of Florida in America that became famous for having beautiful weather almost all year round. With Miami being a coastal city too, the sea and rivers around Miami have this incredible vibrant blue colour making them that bit more tempting to swim in. That same tone of blue is often found in swimming pools across the world from the USA to the beautiful Mediterranean countries. With a Miami blue strap on your watch, you can very nicely match your watch to the warm Summertime swimming feel and you can be sure to stand out from the crowd. 

Source : @Celebwatchspotter

Source : Car Advice

In the last few years, it's a colour watchmakers have grown more fond of and have used it more frequently across their watch lines. With its growing fan base of the colour, naturally celebrities who enjoy their timepieces have started to choose Miami blue as a colour with their watch. We know it’s certainly a colour of choice for Karim Benzema who was recently spotted wearing his grey dial Rolex Yacht-master (ref 268622) with the Miami blue text and seconds hand. A fantastic combination by putting it on the Miami blue rubber strap to really make that subtle Miami blue on the dial pop even more! Other famous people include Formula 1 drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris featuring a Miami Blue colour watch band on some of their watches. There is no denying it, it’s definitely a colour that is slowly but surely growing in popularity amongst watch enthusiasts!

The Miami blue colour does not just represent warmth and Summer, to those who are big into motorsport like we are here at ZEALANDE, but also the striking colour of a famous sports car. In 2018, Porsche wanted to expand its creativity and colour palette, so when they released their new and improved Macan and Cayman 718 S, they released them in a Miami blue. The bold colour choice really made them stand out and look that bit extra sporty. The brightness of the colour, sound of the naturally aspirated V6 engine and stylish looks, the Miami blue colour really tied it all together nicely. Now, just imagine cruising around in one of them with your watch on a Miami blue rubber strap, it certainly would complete the full look without a doubt! 

Source : Racing News 365

Continuing with the motorsport theme, Miami blue just got even more famous within the world of racing, last year we saw the all new Miami International Autodrome host F1 in 2022. F1 is to many people considered the pinnacle of motor racing, and what better way to show your enthusiasm for the sport than to wear one of its famous colours on your watch! You can even see at the Miami race track they coloured in the run-offs and part of the fake harbour in the famous Miami blue colour. If you are lucky enough to be heading there this year on the 7th of May then there is still time to order your ZEALANDE Miami blue rubber strap. Not only would the colour alone be a fantastic reason to wear it show your passion for the sport but also its new features make it a mega comfy choice.

The Miami Blue ZEALANDE Strap

Made from vulcanised rubber, you definitely don’t need to be worried about the strap or it breaking, ZEALANDE straps are built to last the test of time. Equally as important, the design of the bracelet was made to look high-end with its grooves and notches and perfect fit to the case of your watch. The subtle details on this strap is what sets it apart from others, the solid 312L stainless steel buckle with ZEALANDE engraved on the inside and the keeper fixies in place all make the strap perfect choice. This means that not only can you get the perfect size to fit your wrist, but the keeper will not move around and come loose keeping the strap neatly tucked away at all times. A subtle new feature but one that drastically improves how the strap wears. These straps really have been made with everything carefully through to give you the best rubber strap option possible, and in this new colour, there are very few brands that make such bold colours.

Now that you know the history behind the famous Miami blue colour and how it came to be so popular, adding a touch of that beautiful colour to your watch is now possible with the ZEALANDE Miami blue rubber strap. Whether you are just looking for another colour to wear your watch on for Summer or you’re a big motorsport fan, this new colour at ZEALANDE will be sure to make you smile every time you look down at your wrist with our Miami blue rubber strap on. So don’t wait too long, Summer and the F1 Miami race are just around the corner to make sure you and your watch are well prepared to get in that Summer and racing motorsport mood!