Winter, a season with more than just festivities but lots of seasonal sports, amongst the most popular activities are skiing, sledding and hiking around in the beautiful snowy mountains. Some prefer to enjoy spas more than the sports but regardless of your personal taste in activities, in Winter there's no getting around the fact you’re going from the freezing outdoors to the warm indoors. Like the reverse in Summer, your first will contract as you go outside to the cold and expand when you return to the warmth inside. Your watch bracelet will therefore become either too tight or loose at some stage which may reduce its overall comfort. However, ZEALANDE have developed the perfect rubber strap for you to wear your watch with the utmost comfort whilst still looking great in the spa or on the slopes. With the Winter season now well underway, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk about all the reasons why you might want to consider a rubber strap for your watch this season. 

Skiing, sledding or any other winter sports attract thousands of people every year and if you’re one of them, you need to have a ZEALANDE rubber strap fitted onto your wrist. Forget the fact it looks amazing with all the different colours to shoes from and our deployment clasp, it offers far better comfort. This is particularly important when it comes to activities where you could fall over and hot your wrist and your watch. A metal bracelet could hurt your wrist if you were to fall hard, whilst a soft rubber strap would not push into your arm, instead it would absorb the fall. Not only will this reduce any injuries to you but also reduce damage to your metal bracelet, and even more so if you are wearing a precious metal bracelet. The ZEALANDE rubber strap was designed specifically to be worn in any sporting environment so you can still enjoy your favourite timepieces on your wrist, even during sports. Certainly worth considering the option of fitting a rubber strap to your watch if you do intend on wearing whilst skiing. 

However, ZEALANDE straps were not just purely designed to be functional, they were designed to look good as well. So wearing your rubber strap on your watch to dinner or fancy events is no issue. With plenty of colours to choose from, a clean black or white rubber strap will definitely maintain that luxury watch look when you enter the venue. If you are looking to further increase the elegance of your rubber strap then you need to combine it with our newest clasp, a deployment clasp.

Source : Time & TIde

The ZEALANDE deployment clasp gives the rubber strap a sleeker, more elegant and making the process of putting on your watch more luxurious. Additionally the deployment clasp makes our rubber strap even safer as when you un-do a tang buckle the watch could fall off your wrist if you're not holding. However, a deployment clasp still maintains a loop connection so you never need to worry about the watch falling from your wrist when taking it off the wrist.

So long as your watch is waterproof, you can easily wear our rubber straps on your watch into the swimming pool as well. They really are designed to be worn in all scenarios allowing you to wear your watch as often as you want to regardless of the environment you’re in. It also reduces your need to be as careful with your watch, with a rubber strap on the wrist you know you don’t need to worry about those pesky scratches forming on your bracelet. Doing sporting activities like skiing means you are likely to generate plenty of heat causing your wrist to swell and your body to sweat. 

Depending on how sunny it is you may also have sincream on, and just like Summer, your metal bracelet can become a bit too tight and definitely get dirty. The great thing about a rubber strap is the ease and speed of which you can adjust it, a great feature for sports especially in Winter when you can go from boiling hot to freezing cold quickly and frequently through the day.

Once you get back in from your day of sporting activities you can clean your rubber strap if needed, and it’s much easier to clean a rubber strap than a bracelet. Metal bracelets often have another from 2 to 5 pieces per link, which leaves many places and holes for dirt to settle and stick to. 

Without a toothbrush or something similar you will struggle to get it sparkling clean, however thanks to the smooth streamlined designs of the ZEALANDE strap, you can easily just use your hands. Of course a brush will help get the ultimate deep clean but your hands can do more than 95%, more than enough for it to look the part when wearing your smart outfit for the evening.

To summarise, having a rubber strap on your watch in Winter is particularly advantageous as it is better suited for wearing whilst doing sports, easier to clean and very quick to adjust. Whilst you’re on your skiing or Winter holiday, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about your metal bracelet, hence ZEALANDE offer you many colours and different models of straps for your watch.

 With our rubber strap on your watch, you can be sure to enjoy the Winter sports whilst being able to wear your favourite luxury watch. From skiing from the tops of the mountains to the evening dinners, ZEALANDE have got you all sorted out. Once you’ve placed your order, you can now safely and happily go ahead and enjoy all the sports and events Winter has to offer!