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Are you ready to protect your Rolex watch with a luxurious handcrafted ZEALANDE leather watch roll?

Are you a lover of beautiful things and therefore also love beautiful watches? Still looking for ways to protect your watch? To meet this need, ZEALANDE's men and women have long worked hard to provide you with solutions. To guarantee unparalleled protection for your watch, we have solutions.

A beautiful storage box for your luxury watches: watch rolls from ZEALANDE. Our watch rolls meet all your expectations of a roll for storing watches from the finest watch brands. They're more than simple accessories, our team designed them to be true watch safety partners, and they come with 3 large storage compartments that turn your watch roll into a luxurious organizer.

You'll be lucky enough to store up to 3 watches in our watch cases, which are specially designed to protect your case or strap while traveling. Our watch rolls are made of supple leather to protect them on your travels, allowing you to carry more than just a watch.

Your first concern is safety, and at ZEALANDE we understand that. That's why we offer you the best ZEALANDE leather watch rolls to protect your watch. Protect your watch by choosing a ZEALANDE leather watch roll. You have chosen not only practical and ergonomic accessories, but above all high-quality accessories. To ensure this, our reels are made of high-quality leather, entirely handcrafted by a team of high-quality Italian artisans.

To suit every taste, our engineers and designers have created 3 gorgeous colors for you: dark black, dark green and finally cobalt blue. Warm and vibrant tones enhance the handmade leather of the watch roll. Each of our colours is designed to match the colours we have chosen for our bags, allowing you to enjoy a range of coordinating accessories that is always an aesthetic.

Choosing a handmade leather watch roll is more than just buying a place to store it. Since we know that our clients are not just men, we make sure that our watch roll is elegant and distinguished so that women can use it perfectly without being shocked. You might be thinking: "I'm buying durable products in beautiful colors", but at ZEALANDE, we take it a step further.

Because we love taking care of our customers, you can benefit from free worldwide shipping. So why hesitate and not be tempted by our beautiful high quality soft leather watch rolls?

Is Rolex watches compatible with Zealande watch rolls?

Great men wear great watches, so we thought of you and designed a prestige case, allowing you to organise and carry up to 3 watches in our beautiful soft leather watch rolls available in three colours (Black, Green and Blue). 

In order to guarantee our customers perfect protection we have made our boxes compatible with a large number of references of your favourite watch brands.

Because we love to take care of you, we allow you to ship for free anywhere in the world. Because we fully understand your desire to protect your watch, our shipping policy is to offer you fast and free shipping via DHL Express.

With this shipping method, you will receive your package within four business days worldwide. Don't hesitate to get your luxury leather watch roll as soon as possible.

The special features of our luxury handmade leather watch roll for your Rolex

The design of this box is the result of a long-term study by ZEALANDE for men and women. Since safety is our main motivation, the entire design and function are designed to bring the perfect safety to your luxury watch. The shape of our case is innovative, and thanks to its flat edges, it holds the reel vertically instead of bending it.

Attention to detail is one of the qualities of watch lovers, and our case is no exception. The edges are treated with hot oil in the same colour as the leather for the perfect finish and are carefully hand-sewn by our Italian artisans. Handmade gives our beautiful storage boxes unmatched resilience and durability.

As you can see, we have a great product for you that will make a difference the moment you choose your watch in the morning. Leathers selected by our team are both soft and hard to keep your watch looking its best. Coming to the interior, when you open the flap, you notice two things, the first is the flannel lining.

Flannel, a material known for its soft touch, also has the peculiarity of perfectly protecting the watch's steel case and strap from scratches. You'll also notice the pleasing size of the individual compartments for our leather watch rolls. This means you can store up to three watches without worrying about them bumping into each other, as each compartment is independent.

Going back to the details of our theme, they benefited from a very specific reflection from our team. Storage compartments are separated by dividers equipped with slots for the cushions to slide out. The leather roll divider has a second slot that allows you to place the cushion in two different ways.

You can also place the pad on the vertical slot for safe viewing of your watch. To turn the watch roll into a display case, we recommend snapping the flap of the box into the vertical slot. Our other main idea involved the shape of our cushions, most other references on the market suggest that circular cushions are peculiarly too small or too large and end up twisting the bracelet.

In order not to make you a sandwich man every time you present your watch in a new roll, we have decided to subtly integrate the ZEALANDE logo on the top of the case flap by heat embossing.

The ideal travel companion: The ZEALANDE leather watch roll for Rolex

As we keep telling you, our rolls are the best option for storing your watch at home, but their greatest strength is their durability. When you go on vacation, you are always hesitant about which watch to bring because you are afraid that you will not be able to store it properly.

Whether in a bag or suitcase, wrapped in a ZEALANDE® black velvet storage bag for protection during travel.

What price for our Rolex watch rolls

The only answer to this question: 299 €/$. That's the price for the best watch roll on the market that will be your lifelong companion in protecting your watches. Whether at home or on the road you will appreciate the 5 stars service provided by your new favourite accessory.

The price of our soft leather watch rolls corresponds to the time needed by our craftsmen to make the roll, to the choice of high quality leather and to the flannel protecting the interior. Unlike our Swiss rubber bands, our watch rolls are only available in our online shop.

Advantages of watch flip case

You might think a simple case would be enough to carry your watch when traveling, but we've got you covered with quality leather cases. Our pouches have an innovative label that keeps your shoulder straps in shape and are available in 6 colours. Any of our colors can be perfectly matched, whether you are a man or a woman, you can easily find the color of your dreams. Between delicate black, cobalt blue, dark green, dark brown, bright orange or our vermilion, each of our colors will make you shiver.

The watch roll should not be seen as a replacement for the case, but as an additional partner. Where pockets are light and removable, our watch rolls ensure perfect protection. Therefore, these two accessories complement each other to protect your watch. Also, the bag only allows you to carry one watch, while our roll has a real organizer function.

The pleasure of giving an unforgettable gift

Do you know a watch enthusiast? A person who collects luxury watches and you don't have a gift idea? Why think about it any longer, give them our beautiful watch roll as a gift. Our box will allow him to store up to 3 watches and especially to take them with him during his travels.

With shipping handled by ZEALANDE you are only a few steps away from giving the perfect gift. When you receive our package you will find the roll in a beautiful black velvet pouch for transport during your travels.


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