Red ZEALANDE® Leather Watch Pouch

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Red ZEALANDE® Leather Watch Pouch

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Red Leather Watch pouch

Passionate about watches for many years, our mission is to provide you with a high quality product allowing you to take care of your exceptional watches.


We have chosen excellence to allow you to offer your prestigious watches a very qualitative storage. We propose you this ZEALANDE leather watch pouch allowing to store 1 watch, comfortably installed on an leather tongue for a perfect maintenance and an optimal protection.

You can choose from 6 colors selected by our experts: Black, Navy Blue, Bottle Green, Chocolate Brown, Red and Orange. Handcrafted by specialized artisans, they will allow you to store, protect or display your prestigious watches while keeping them safe. Discover the perfect RED for your Leather watch pouch.

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  • Watch pouch in soft leather
  • Flannel lining for unparalleled comfort
  • Leather tab protecting the back of your watch
  • Snap fastener closure invisible on the outside and covered by the lining so as not to be in direct contact with the watch
  • Delivered in a black "velvet" fabric bag with embroidered ZEALANDE® logo.
  • Dimensions : 14 x 6.8 x 2.2cm
  • Watch(s) and accessory(ies) not included


We have designed these individual pouches to offer a functional and elegant protective case, generously sized and in high-quality leather.

We offer you a choice of 6 familiar shades such as : Black, Navy Blue, Bottle Green, Chocolate Brown, Red and Orange.

Red Leather Watch pouch

With its innovative shape, the leather tongue will protect the back of your watch while keeping it firmly attached for optimal security.


Leather suppleness and flannel lining will bring an extraordinary comfort to your watch in any circumstance.

For a perfect finish like the greatest leather goods companies, the edges are hot oiled in the same color as the leather.

Prestigious materials for our red leather watch pouch

Great care has also been taken in the design and choice of materials for the interior of our ZEALANDE® watch pouch. 

Comfort and optimal security for your watches are guaranteed thanks to a very soft flannel lining, perfect protection against scratches.


Velvet storage red Leather Watch pouch

The perfect accessory to store your watches but also your ideal travel companion.

Whether in a briefcase or in your suitcase, wrapped in its black ZEALANDE® velvet storage bag, it will be protected to accompany you for many years.

There is only one thing left to do, choose one of our beautiful and secure ZEALANDE® watch pouches that will have the privilege of taking care of your watches.

Associate your Leather watch pouch with our WATCH ROLL

At ZEALANDE we have at heart to satisfy your desires, for that our teams decided to offer you the best in term of watch rolls.

Our watch rolls are handmade by recognized craftsmen in order to offer you an exceptional product 

Discover 3 sublime colours, a cobalt blue, a deep black and a distinguished bottle green.

High quality leather and soft flannel lining ensure comfort and protection for your watches.