Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 43,5mm : Luxury and Performance Reunited | Guide 2023

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 43.5mm is a watch that oftentimes is overlooked within the Omega watch line-up but remains a staple timepiece from Omega. Behind the big bold looks of it, many hours have gone into making this watch a modern-day toll watch with exceptional performance. Not only is it a very functional watch, it has an extremely well-crafted and rigid case, while simultaneously being very elegant. Having the heritage of a brand such as Omega, it comes as no surprise that this watch is a serious dive watch with features and functionality unlike most dive watches. In this article, we shall go over all the essentials of what you need to know about the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 43.5mm.

Planet ocean black Bezel on metal strap

Omega is a watch company that has been around since 1848, giving the brand nowadays a very rich history. With over 170 years’ experience in watchmaking, you can expect that they have learnt and mastered the art of watchmaking. Alongside the history of the company, they have been making and selling the Seamaster since 1948. In 2005, they released the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, creating a new line of the model Seamaster. Eleven years later, in 2016, when the Planet Ocean was most recently updated, Omega announced that the Planet Ocean series would be the first Seamaster’s to be certified as Master Chronometers. This watch was made for collectors, avid timepiece lovers and adventurous individuals. Alongside the elegant style of this watch, the capabilities are what sets this model apart from the other Seamaster professional models such as the SMP 300 and the Aqua Terra. 

Quality born of long experience

When you think of an Omega watch, the first thing that you think of is the quality of the design and build. Omega is notoriously known for building some of the most durable watches on the market. If we look at the Seamaster Planet Ocean 43.5mm, we can see that the case is made from very high-quality stainless steel.

This has been done because this watch needs to be robust for the diving expeditions that this watch is designed for and even for day-to-day use. This ensures the buyer that no matter the test, the watch will be fine and can be worn with full confidence the Planet Oceans will last the test of time. 

Looking at the size, 43.5mm is the perfect size for maximising the capacity of the watch. With a unidirectional rotating and a ceramic insert, this is not only helpful for those who go deep sea diving but also for those who want an eye-catching watch. The glossy shine and finish of the case and ceramic gives the watch that dressy look so you can easily dress it up for an occasion should you wish to do so. 

Most may think that it would not suit their wrists at this size as other watches tend to be around the 40mm mark, however the clever Omega designers have made it wear more like a 42 or 41mm watch. Dive watches are known for usually being too bulky and big, however Omega have managed to create a timepiece which has the capabilities of being one of the best dive watches on the market, while also making a very elegant watch that can be used as a casual or dressed up watch. 

Planet ocean on metal strap

When talking about the features of the watch, it is hard not to talk about the dial and the hands. The timepiece features a captivating dial that combines functionality with elegance. The bold and legible indexes and hands are coated with Super-Luminova, ensuring optimal visibility even in low-light conditions. The date window at 3 o'clock adds a practical element to the timepiece, enhancing its versatility for everyday wear. Seeing that this is a watch developed for deep sea diving, the water resistance of 600m is built for aquatic adventures at great depths of the oceans. 

With a water resistance of up to 600 metres (2000 feet), this ensures that it can be put to any test and pass with flying colours. This timepiece is a trusted companion for professional divers and water enthusiasts who are willing to look amazing whilst wearing the Omega. The helium escape valve further underlines its suitability for deep-sea exploration. On top of this, the watch is this sub stable for showers and swimming pools as well, making it a watch that has no need to be kept away in a box.

At the heart of the Seamaster Planet Ocean 43.5mm beats Omega's Co-Axial Master Chronometer movement, a hallmark of precision and reliability. The Seamaster Planet Ocean is equipped with METAS-certified co-axial calibre 8900 that you can see through the sapphire case back. 

The self-winding movement not only ensures accurate timekeeping but also has been certified by METAS, meeting the highest standards of accuracy, performance, and magnetic resistance. This again goes to show and prove time again that Omega is more than committed to producing watches that can cope in the most extreme conditions. 

Planet ocean on leather strap

This gives you the confidence to wear your Planet Ocean whenever and wherever, and whilst most would say that these dive watches are never really going to be worn for their purpose, it is still nice to know it can do it. Not to mention, if you are into diving, even at shallow depths, it is never a bad thing to have a watch that is more than capable of handling the depth, so you’ll never have to worry about it. The movement's resistance to magnetism is especially handy in airports where your watch passes through security as it can sometimes happen that a watch starts to lose time due to its exposure to the magnetic field in the airport security section. However, this is of no concern to the Planet Ocean!

Unique features for a versatile diving machine 

Beyond its classic design and impeccable craftsmanship, the Seamaster Planet Ocean 43.5mm is equipped with modern features that set it apart. The anti-magnetic properties, transparent case back made from sapphire glass, and precision engineering make this timepiece a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

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But even more than that, you rarely find a capable dive watch with all these features, not even Rolex offer sapphire case backs on their dive watches! The watch comes with a variety of strap options, catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether it's the robust stainless-steel bracelet for a sporty look or the comfortable rubber strap for a more casual feel, 

Omega provides choices that complement the wearer's style. Having a fitting width of 22mm, this ensures that the watch can be suited to anyone's taste in straps, whether it be in metal, leather or rubber. This also means that this watch can be dressed to suit a very diverse range of scenarios you may want to wear your Planet Ocean to.

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Having a bracelet that was made for durability and comfort, it features a perfect balance of polished and brushed stainless steel links. This makes this watch a nice and classy watch while being able to wear it in any given situation. However, the ZEALANDE rubber strap takes this experience to another level. Taking some of the weight off from the bracelet and making it lighter with a rubber strap, only makes the watch seem even more sporty. 

Furthermore, with the ability to intertwine bracelets, one can have complete control over the feel and style of the bracelet and watch. Swapping the straps around for different colours and textures make it seem as if you have a new watch on your wrist, perfect for any occasion. Additionally, one can get a rubber strap with an integrated clasp that not only is secure but also allows for easy adjustment, ensuring a customised fit for any wrist size.   

Sizing can be a bit of an issue for some when buying their watch, whether it be their first or not. Thankfully this line up of the Seamaster Planet Ocean comes in many different case sizes. Having the option to be able to purchase this timepiece in 45.5mm, 43.5mm or 39.5mm ensures that this watch can be adapted to most people's wrists. Moreover, alongside the sizing that can be suited for someone's wrist, the colour of the watch likewise comes with many different possibilities. 

Rubber strap ZEALANDE for Yatch Master

Having a watch that can be purchased in over a dozen different colours ensures that this watch can be perfect for anyone. Alongside this, the metal in which it is fabricated can be chosen as well. Having the option to be able to choose between a case made from Ceramic, Steel, Steel-Gold, Gold, or Titanium further makes this model more desirable as anyone can choose their perfect style.

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The right rubber strap for your Planet Ocean

Planet ocean on black Rubber strap

Omega is also known for making various types of watches such as chronographs which are very useful and practical. The Seamaster Planet Ocean 43.5mm can be bought as a Chronograph, Chronometer, GMT, and World Timer, with over 10 different variations possible. This not only makes it perfect for someone to find their perfect watch, but also to be able to use a ZEALANDE watch strap with it.

Due to all the different variations Omega offers with their Seamaster Planet Ocean, most people will settle for the metal bracelet as it is much more expensive to buy it on a strap and then order an Omega bracelet later. Being an impressive dive watch it is only natural that ZEALANDE made an impressive rubber strap designed to perfectly fit your Planet Ocean. 

The ZEALANDE straps for Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean come in a variety of colours to give you the options to be able to match or contrast with any colour that the watch comes in. It also seamlessly fits the watch thanks to the curved rubber which allows the ZEALANDE strap to hug the Planet Ocean’s watch case and give it an OEM look.

With the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean having a few similarities with its competitors, it means that if you are in the market for a serious dive watch with elegant features and designs, there really is nothing else like it. It goes without saying for a watch of this size and a retail cost of around 8,400 USD you should try it on. Whilst you are hanging the watch feel the smooth metal finishing on the case and the way the bracelet hugs your wrist. 

You will likely be able to notice and feel that this watch can be worn comfortably day-to-day and dressed up with a shirt if you really wanted to! The brand heritage and history you buy into when you purchase the Planet Ocean is also something special, yes Omega milk the ‘James Bond’ aspect out of their brand but it also shows that this watch can really be worn in the most testing of environments.

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And there you have it, the history of the Omega Planet Ocean 43.5 and everything you need to know about it. From the different range of configurations of straps to the metals used, to the details of its impressive movement. Buying your Omega Planet Ocean on a bracelet will be your best bet because you can always purchase a few high-quality ZEALANDE rubber straps afterwards to get the extra sporty feel and look. Or maybe that’s irrelevant to you but you just fancy playing around with colours and making your Planet Ocean that bit more unique, the ZEALANDE strap is perfectly designed for you and your watch!