The Omega Moonswatch and How to Have Fun With Colour

A move that no one saw coming or expected, Omega partnered up with Swatch to create the famous Moonswatch. This bio ceramic watch has all the same proportions of the regular Moonswatch but comes in 12 variations, one for each planet. With each planet having different compositions and different colours, Swatch and Omega carried this through their designs. However, one element that many people complained about is the nylon strap they come on, whilst they are true to the style of the original strap the astronauts would use to wear the Omega Moonswatch on, it was not the best fit. Hence more people looked to change the strap to a cool rubber strap and match or complement their Moonswatches colour. Today we are taking a look at the new line of rubber straps offered at ZEALANDE made perfectly for the Omega Moonswatch.

The Omega Moonswatch shows that Omega is willing to push the boat out and really experiment with the limits of fun, colour and accessibility to their audience. Yes, it is at the end of the day a plastic watch with mineral glass meaning it can scratch easier than steel, but you can experience that Omega Moon watch feeling for far less. With a water resistance of 50m, it is definitely recommended NOT to take this swimming and when you clean your Moonswatch, do not hold under water or keep a stream of water flowing for too long to avoid any water seeping in through the pushers or crown. 

A MoonSwatch for everyone

For 260 Euros or 285 USD, you can get one of the most famous chronographs ever created with phenomenal heritage and not only that, you can now choose from all the different planets. For children to adults, new watch enthusiasts to those with Audermars Piguet and Patek Philippe in their collection, the Moon Swatch really offers something of a bright and fun watch. This has really contributed towards its success and why they are hard to get but are now becoming slightly easier to buy.

The Moonswatch was released back in March 2022 and caused quite the scene, seemingly the majority of people loved the idea of a very affordable Omega watch and others were not as impressed. Either way, you struggle to find them in the few Swatch boutiques that sell them so the demand is clearly there. They are a great way to have a bit of fun and play around with colour which is exactly why ZEALANDE have created the perfect rubber strap for them. 

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Whilst each of the 12 variations come in their own unique colour scheme, ZEALANDE have covered the all-important coloured straps to match and compliment them all. With a colourful strap, you can really make your Moonswatch pop and stand out from the rest of them and give yourself a unique look. 

Source : Monochrome

You may be asking yourself why on earth do I need a rubber strap to go on my Moonswatch? Well it’s very simple, the cheaper nylon material used by Swatch for the Moonswatch are not as comfy as a luxury rubber strap. The nylon strap can easily get stained as well, especially for the lighter coloured ones, and when fully done up, it protrudes quite a bit from the wrist because of the bulky plastic keeper. However, the rubber strap at ZEALANDE does not have any of these problems and if anything, it’s great to preserve the ordinal strap it came on as they are not as durable as vulcanised rubber.

The MoonSwatch dressed with a rubber strap ZEALANDE

Products featured in the article