A ZEALANDE® rubber strap is what you need for your OMEGA® X SWATCH® Moonswatch®

If just like us, you went for the partnership between OMEGA® and SWATCH® and acquired yourself a Moonswatch ®, we hear you. They are the best wristbuddys, ready for any mission, coming in bright colors such as blue, white, pink, black, yellow, orange, green, red, grey or sand.
Yet, they come with an original nylon strap that you, high-end watch lovers know of the poor long-lasting abilities.
Check here why ZEALANDE® rubber straps are the ideal replacement bracelet for your OMEGA® X SWATCH® Moonswatch®.

ZEALANDE® rubber straps last longer than a nylon strap

Our® rubber straps are manufactured in Switzerland, home of the watchmaking expertise. A ZEALANDE® rubber strap is not an elastic band! With a beautiful and long-lasting material in premium vulcanized rubber, this bracelet is a great fit to your wrist. It stays in shape for years; it doesn’t gather dust and its color never fades.
While a nylon strap tarnishes from sweat and loses its shape with time, our rubber strap won’t fail you.
Designed to bring a maximum comfort, a ZEALANDE® strap’s flexibility will ensure you are free to go to your everyday life, enjoying a sport session or keeping it cool at home.

As your OMEGA® X SWATCH® Moonswatch®, our rubber bracelet is water resistant

Your regular Moonswatch® nylon bracelet can dive, but that won’t do it any good. Stiffness and fading soon follow. Whereas our rubber straps are set for any watery mission.
Their water and sweat resistance make them easy to maintain: a quick rinse with a bit of soap, and your rubber bracelet is good to go to the moon.

A ZEALANDE® rubber bracelet is the perfect style match for your OMEGA® X SWATCH® Moonswatch®

We love the Moonswatch® range for its unique style, its colors, and its versatility. We love ZEALANDE® rubber straps for the same reasons. Just take a look at some of those beauties, dressing up OMEGA® X SWATCH® Moonswatch® dials as if they were made for it.
- Orange rubber strap on the yellow “Sun” Moonswatch® dial
- Green or white bracelet on the “Mercury” Moonswatch®
- Blue strap on the “Neptune” Moonswatch®
- Miami blue strap on the “Moon” Moonswatch®
- White rubber bracelet on the “Uranus” Moonswatch®
- Black rubber strap on the “Pluto” Moonswatch®
ZEALANDE® rubber straps are also a perfect choice to preserve the original leather bracelets of many other high-end watch brands, as Rolex®, Breitling® , other Omega® models and many more.

ZEALANDE® rubber bracelets are affordable

While the OMEGA® X SWATCH® Moonswatch® provides the OMEGA® Speedmaster technology, with high-quality materials as a bioceramic dial, these watches come at a very fair price. Same goes for our ZEALANDE® rubber bracelets. For the price of 189€, you will acquire a beautiful, strong, original, easy-to-maintain bracelet.
So much so that the best thing you can do is to buy bundles in our on-line shop! You are now on a mission to match your watch and your looks with the perfect band at the most reasonable price. The more bracelets you buy, the more the price drops. You can find a wide range of colors on sale in our on-line shop

One of the most original features of the OMEGA® X SWATCH® Moonswatch® is their bright colors, as the SWATCH® brand original signature. OMEGA® X SWATCH® Moonswatch® bioceramic dials come in yellow, grey, white and pink, solid blue and light green, black, red, sand, beige and light blue. With our rubber straps colors, the game is on! Your mission will be to match the perfect strap color with your OMEGA® X SWATCH® Moonswatch® and put the accent on the playful side of your Moonswatch®. You have to choose from those colors: orange, white, black, red, green, solid blue, Miami blue and brown.
Or maybe don’t choose and buy in bundles!

ZEALANDE® bracelets are easy to set up

When it comes to attaching a new bracelet to your Moonswatch® bioceramic dial, you may feel the fear of damaging both the strap and the watch. Fear no more. We have the tools you need to make it quick and easy.
Our rubber straps’ shape, slightly curved to ease the fitting, makes it even more simple.
In our on-line shop, you can find the best tools to swap your original leather strap to one of our rubber bands. Manufactured with a solid premium aluminum material, our kit is perfect for a quick replacement. 

We have the accessories you need for your OMEGA® X SWATCH® Moonswatch®

We talk tang buckles, deployment buckles, leather pouches for one watch and leather cases for 3 watches. Everything you need to go from your regular watch to the truly original watch that will complete your style is on sale in our on-line shop. Check out our accessories by clicking here.


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