The Swatch x Blancpain Collaboration

Swatch have long been known as a watch brand that offers excellent swiss made watches in all kinds of fun colours and styles. With their famous rubber strap and even sometimes case designs, cheaper prices and simple movements, they have become a watch that can be worn almost anywhere. Some collectors with the likes of a collection consisting of Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Rolex (all very expensive) even own Swatches to have a bit of fun! Omega knew it and went all in on their Moonwatch collaboration with Swatch to bring us the Moonswatch. Whilst it had divided opinions many people love them and another famous watch brand that maybe is not as well-known saw this opportunity as well. Blancpain have just collaborated with Swatch to bring their most famous dive watch to the watch market for a broader audience.


One watch for 5 different looks

Swatch and Blancpain collaborated together and have now brought out 5 new watches together all featuring the same case and strap but, much like the Moonswatch, in different colours. The case is made from the famous Swatch’s bioceramic, which whilst sounds very fancy is essentially plastic made from recyclables. But that is no bad thing, the Blancpain 50 fathoms start at 17,000 USD while the Swatch 50 fathoms collaboration retail for 400 USD. Now this is a topic that could easily have its own article but for 17,000 USD which is a lot of money, most watch enthusiasts would rather choose other dive watches instead which also have excellent quality and cost less. However, Blancpain knew that this fun Swatch collaboration can give watch enthusiasts a chance to wear their beautiful designs and enjoy them on their wrists.

The Blancpain 50 fathoms Swatch comes in 5 colour variations, blue, white, yellow/orange, green and red. Definitely a broad enough range of colours to attract watch collectors to have fun with. Each of these watches comes on their own nato strap with the respective colour scheme integrated into the strap. On top of this, the watch features a see-through case back because it features an automatic movement, the calibre SISTEM51 to be precise. 


Source : Monochrome Wactches


Source : Hodinkee

It’s by no means a Patek Philippe level movement finished so beautifully you could stare at it all day long, but Blacpian and Swatch knew this. To give the new dive watch even more character, the movement is decorated and coloured with parts of a map on the back. With details of land, and obviously the sea and waves, it really does make for a great case back viewing especially when you consider the price!

Products featured in the article

The differences between the original and the Swatch collaboration

In terms of actual features and dimensions, the bioceramic Blancpian Swatch has a 42.3mm case size and a case thickness of 14.4mm, so a relatively big watch. With a bioceramic uni-directional bezel and is water resistant to 91 metres, this means you can actually go swimming with this watch on if you wanted to and even diving should you wish to. Additionally, it also has a date window neatly tucked away between the 4 and 5 o’clock position and the movement boasts an incredible power reserve of 90 hours! The dial features the 50 fathoms stamp to nod towards the 70th anniversary of the Blancpian 50 fathoms and the hands and hour markers are all filled with Super-LumiNova. 


Source : Monochrome

These features really are impressive when you consider the price point, it really is something not just fun but also quite special. Being a dive watch, a Nato style fabric strap is a good choice but if you get the strap wet it will stay wet for a while. However, for a more durable strap and sporty look, the ZEALANDE universal rubber strap is the perfect strap to complement the watch. With plenty of colours to choose from to either match your Blancpain Swatch 50 fathoms or complement it, you can definitely have a lot of fun mixing and matching straps with this watch. Seeing how this is a fun watch collaboration after all, why not take it that next bit further and complete the look with a ZEALANDE rubber strap for your Blancpain Scuba Fifty Fathoms?


Also, much like the Moonswatch you cannot walk into any Swatch store to buy one, you’ll need to visit one of the 9 world-wide Swatch stores that sell them. However, this is not a limited edition run as stated by Swatch so with patience and a bit of travel, you will definitely be able to get one at some point. 

This Swatch collaboration with Blancpain was not just a ‘spur of the moment’ kind of decision between the two brands but rather a well-planned and thought out decision. They have brought us a very unique and well specced dive watch that not only looks good, but boats fantastic features usually found on watches costing over 10 times its price! 

Whilst some may point out it’s nowhere near the real 17,000 USD Blancpain 50 fathoms that will last you generations and so on, the Swatch collaboration is not trying to replace the original one, instead it is trying to bring a fun and much more accessible version of the iconic watch to watch enthusiast. 

So if you are in the market for a fun dive watch that has a stunning design, shares a rich heritage in diving and can be used as a tool watch, the Blancpain x Swatch 50 fathoms should definitely be a consideration. As mentioned before, ZEALANDE offers excellent rubber straps designed to be used in the most sporting conditions so to really get the most of the new 50 fathoms from Swatch, a ZEALANDE rubber strap will certainly help you do that! Both in style and quality their rubber straps are perfectly designed to accompany your new 50 fathoms in your wrist for a great colourful look and capable dive watch experience.