ZEALANDE BUNDLES = Buy several rubber straps and save money, click here :-) ZEALANDE BUNDLES = Buy several rubber straps and save money, click here :-)

Rubber Strap For Swatch X Blancpain Scuba Fifty Fathoms

Improve the elegance and durability of your Blancpain® watch with the comfort of a ZEALANDE® rubber strap

Do you want to stay in the Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms watch spirit by replacing its native NATO nylon bracelet with a long-lasting strap? Choose a ZEALANDE® rubber strap.

ZEALANDE® rubber straps are a perfect fit for your Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms

Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms watches are the perfect match for outdoor people, especially those who enjoy taking a dive into any ocean on the planet. For the adventurous  ZEALANDE® straps are their best allies!

With its vulcanized rubber, a ZEALANDE® strap combines the strenght of the NATO nylon bracelet with the elegance of a leather watch strap. The ZEALANDE® strap is reliable under water, it doesn’t gather sand nor silt and is quick to dry.

With its bright and long-lasting colors, navy blue, white, black and red, you will find the perfect match in our online shop, at a very reasonable price.

Swapping from the Swatch x Blancpain® nylon NATO band to a ZEALANDE® is quick and easy

Replacing your Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms’ NATO strap with a ZEALANDE® rubber band is an easy move. With our tools that you will find on sale in our online shop, you are certain not to scratch your watch’s dial. 

All you must do is to unscrew your Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms’ pins, remove the NATO bracelet and the pins that go with it, then fit your new ZEALANDE® rubber strap using the spring bars we offer with it.

ZEALANDE® rubber straps are low maintenance

The Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms watch is delivered with a NATO nylon bracelet. Those watch bands have the default of gathering dust and stains. Their shape will warp over time, the buckle fit will get loose, their colors will fade away.
ZEALANDE® rubber straps benefit from a smooth material, that won’t hold dust. The vulcanized rubber our bands are made of allows those items to stay in shape for a lifetime, whatever sport you submit them on a regular basis. And their colors stay bright forever.

For your wristwatch strap to look fabulous day after day, all you have to do is to give them a regular wash-up. 

Gently rub your ZEALANDE® rubber strap with a bit of soap, rinse under clear water then dry with a soft cloth. Do that on a regular basis and Bob’s your uncle.

Personalize your Swatch x Blancpain® wristwatch with our accessories

This small accessory is a key to the personalization of your Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms watch: the buckle.
Let’s say you have acquired a Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms Antartic Ocean. Its icy gray dial will compliment the brushed stainless steel deployant buckle you can find in our shop. If you own a Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms Pacific Ocean, with its yellow and black dial, choose a black ZEALANDE® rubber strap and accessorize it with our black deployant buckle for a striking look.

Another accessory you absolutely need to protect your Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms, or your 3 Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms if you’re lucky, is our leather pouch. Coming in navy blue, green, red and orange for the one-watch pouch, in black, blue and green for the three-watch case, this is the item you need to bring your Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms with you anywhere you go without any worries.

Hesitating between colors for your Swatch x Blancpain® watch? Buy in bundles!

What color will you choose for your Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms Artic Ocean? White or red? Both will compliment its colorful dial. Same for your Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms Indian Ocean. Green or black? Stop considering and go for our bundles: the more you add ZEALANDE® rubber straps to your cart, the higher the discount will be on the final price. 10% discount if you buy 2 rubber straps, 15% discount for 3, and so on. 

As for our rubber watch bands, save on the final price by buying our tools in bundles.

Enthusiast about high-end watches? We provide rubber straps for many brands

When you love luxury watches, you have your favorite brand, but each of these beauty catches your eye.
Here at ZEALANDE®, we are watch lovers, and we offer the best rubber strap for all your favorite watches

Here’s a quick and non-exhaustive list of the brands and models you can personalize with a ZEALANDE® rubber strap.

  • Rolex® Submariner
  • Rolex® GMT
  • Rolex® Explorer
  • Rolex® Sea-Dweller
  • Rolex® Daytona
  • Rolex® Oyster and many other Rolex® models
  • Seiko® Turtle
  • Seiko® Presage “Cocktail” 
  • Omega® MoonSwatch
  • Omega® Speedmaster
  • Omega® Seamaster and many other Omega® models
  • Tudor® Blackbay
  • Tudor® Ranger

Our shipping service is the best

You want the best shipping service for your ZEALANDE® Swatch x Blancpain® Fifty Fathoms strap, with the lowest price, and we offer it! With a free worldwide shipping for all our rubber straps, you will receive your rubber strap and its buckle within a few days, and you will be able to pamper your watch.


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