As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisp, the arrival of autumn brings with it a shift in fashion and accessories, including watches. Just as you swap out lightweight summer clothes for cosy sweaters and scarves, consider making a change to your watch strap as well. While metal and leather bands are popular choices and rightfully so too, the versatility and practicality of rubber straps make them an ideal strap option for the Autumn season. Today, we'll explore several compelling reasons why autumn is the perfect time to sport a rubber strap on your watch.  

Rolex Submariner Date on Orange Rubber Strap

Weather during the Autumn can be very unpredictable, ranging from warm, sunny days to chilly, rainy afternoons. Rubber watch straps are extremely resilient and water-resistant, making them an excellent choice to wear. This is because ZEALANDE rubber straps are perfect to wear in all and any conditions so you never need to worry about the weather forecast! Unlike leather straps that may absorb moisture or metal bands that can become uncomfortably cold, rubber straps offer peace of mind.

They're durable enough to withstand rain, splashes, and other outdoor activities, ensuring your watch remains in top condition even during unexpected weather shifts. Plus, if (but more like a when!) it rains, rubber straps repel water so the water droplets would run off your watch and ZEALANDE rubber strap quickly. This of course is not the case if metal bands as water can hide between the links and leather, nato and perlon strap all absorb it.

Rolex GMT on Green Rubber Strap
Diver 42 on Green Rubber Strap

Comfort and flexibility are a specialty of a ZEALANDE rubber strap, making sure they are soft on the skin to perfectly hug your wrist whilst being sturdy and durable. The colder months often prompt the desire for cosy, comfortable clothing which is generally more on the casual side of things. Rubber watch straps excel in delivering both comfort and flexibility, allowing for a snug fit without compromising durability. 

This makes rubber straps a great choice for layering with sweaters or jackets, as they won't bind or chafe against your skin. The rubber material gently conforms to your wrist, ensuring your watch remains securely in place while allowing for natural movement and you can easily adjust the strap length with a tang buckle for a perfect fit. If you are using one of ZEALAND'S newest releases, the rubber strap that integrates into your Rolex clasp, you can also use the 5mm easy link or glidelock function as well!

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Whilst ZEALANDE is not a fashion brand, it is a brand that designs and produces exceptionally well made, perfectly fitting and timeless rubber straps. Fashion generally sees a change throughout the seasons and Autumn tends to be more casual so a rubber strap will perfectly fit that style. Rubber straps seamlessly complement this seasonal style, offering a touch of casual elegance to any outfit. The modern and sporty appearance of a ZEALANDE strap can effortlessly elevate your look, whether you're heading to a pumpkin patch or meeting friends for a cosy coffee catch-up. 

Rolex Daytona on red Rubber Strap

Rubber straps strike a balance between sophistication and comfort, making them a versatile choice for both day-to-day wear and special occasions. So, you can easily wear them even if you have to dress up, the contrast between casual rubber and a metal watch case puts more emphasis on the watch and makes it shine and stand out, especially with a white or black strap.

Tudor on Black Rubber Strap

ZEALANDE offers a huge variety of coloured straps so you can not only have your classic looks in black and white but also some fun with colours like red, blue, orange and many more! During autumn, the landscape and trees transform with rich hues of red, orange, and yellow so it's the perfect time to introduce some colour onto your wrist as well.

Matching your watch strap to these Autumn-inspired shades adds a touch of seasonal flair to your outfit. Additionally, rubber straps can feature unique textures or patterns that emulate autumn motifs like leaves or waves, allowing you to express your connection to the season. 

Autumn is an excellent time for outdoor adventures, from hiking through colourful forests to engaging sports. Rubber watch straps are the perfect companion for these activities due to their durability and water resistance. Whether you're jogging through fallen leaves or exploring pumpkin patches, a rubber strap can handle the demands of an active lifestyle. For popular Autumn sports like mountain biking and climbing, a rubber strap can definitely save your watch bracelet from being scratched up from any mishaps.

Not to mention, as your wrist expands and contracts from doing sports, a rubber strap can be quickly adjusted to get the perfect fit for you. Plus, their easy-to-clean nature ensures that your watch will stay looking fresh no matter how much dirt or mud you encounter. And given that the damper grounds make everything muddier, having a watch strap that can easily be cleaned is not something you should take for granted!

And there you have it, Autumn is one of the prettiest seasons of them all with the changing colours of nature and fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions means everyone will have a few days if their ideal weather. With that said, having a watch strap that can not only look good for all the many different styles of occasions but also hold up during the season is important. ZEALANDE have developed the perfect rubber strap for your watch and with an array of different styles, you can be sure that you can get the perfect rubber strap for you! So, whether you're sipping on a pumpkin spice latte or embarking on a leaf-strewn adventure, make sure your watch has a ZEALANDE rubber strap that shows you’re in the spirit of autumn.