Embrace the heat this Summer, as the scorching sun rises high in the sky and the temperatures soar, wearing a watch on a metal or leather strap can become less comfortable than normal. Just as our wardrobe undergoes a transformation to adapt to the rising temperatures, so too should our timepieces. Summer time is the perfect season to swap out your traditional metal or leather watch straps and embrace the versatility and comfort of a ZEALANDE rubber strap. Here's why a rubber strap on your watch is the ideal strap configuration you want to have for the summer months.

Rubber Strap For Summer

The sweltering heat of summer can leave us feeling sweaty and uncomfortable, and the last thing we want is a sticky or itchy watch strap irritating you. Rubber straps are highly breathable and won't absorb moisture, making them the ultimate choice for those hot and humid days. The material allows air to circulate around your wrist, preventing the build-up of sweat and ensuring you stay cool and comfortable all day long. 

Whilst a metal bracelet looks great as well, more often than not watchmakers have links with very little space between them which only traps sweat and doesn’t allow much airflow. Leather straps in Summer are usually not a good choice purely because of the likelihood you will sweat more and moisture will deteriorate your leather strap quicker. With Summer usually being the time people spend lots of time in the hot outdoors and then walk into the cool air conditioned indoors, a ZEALANDE rubber helps make your watch that bit more comfortable.

Red Rubber Strap on Submariner
Miami Blue Rubber Strap on Daytona

Summertime often brings adventures and can easily involve water activities, be it a refreshing dip in the pool, a swim in the ocean, or simply sweating it out during an outdoor workout. Rubber straps are water-resistant and incredibly durable, making them perfect for any aquatic escapade. Unlike leather straps, which can be damaged by water and sweat, rubber straps are designed to withstand these conditions, allowing you to enjoy your summer activities worry-free. Not to mention, it will save your beautiful metal strap from millions of extra scratches that can easily be picked up whilst wearing your watch during sporting activities.

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Another great reason for a ZEALANDE rubber strap is simple, colourful expressions! Summer is synonymous with vibrant colours and a lively atmosphere. From the bright blue colour of waters to the multi colours shown by nature in flowers and trees. ZEALANDE rubber watch straps come in an array of eye-catching colours that can complement your summer wardrobe and add a touch of fun to your overall look. Whether you want to match the strap to your favourite beachwear or opt for a contrasting pop of colour, rubber straps provide endless opportunities for personal expression. 

Orange Rubber Strap on Aqua Terra

During summer, the pace of life tends to be more relaxed, and dressing codes become more casual. A rubber strap adds a touch of laid-back elegance to your watch, making it a versatile accessory for a range of occasions, from poolside lounging to backyard barbecues. You won't have to worry about your watch feeling out of place in informal settings, and its durability ensures it can keep up with your summer escapades. Yet, at the same time, the contrast between a luxury ZEALANDE rubber strap and your metal watch case makes the watch pop that but more and can easily be worn in a more formal environment. 

WHite Rubber Strap on GMT

With all the outdoor activities and increased exposure to elements, our watches can take quite a beating during summer. Luckily, rubber straps are not only resilient but also easy to clean and maintain. A simple rinse with water and mild soap will keep your rubber strap looking fresh and ready for all your summer adventures.

Cleaning and maintaining a rubber strap is far easier than metal or leather because rubber does not get water damage and with the smooth surface of rubber it can quickly and easily be washed down. With sweating occurring more often for people, it's important to clean your watch and watch strap more often than normal to keep that nice clean look. Hence having a strap option that’s easy and quick to clean is much more convenient, like a ZEALANDE rubber strap!

Finally, the great thing about ZEALANDE rubber straps is you can switch between different styles and colours effortlessly. Investing in a ZEALANDE rubber strap for summer means you can easily swap it with your metal or leather strap when the cooler seasons roll around. This versatility makes rubber straps a practical and cost-effective choice to really change up the look of your watch.

Changing from one rubber strap to another is dead easy, with rubber being more flexible than leather and metal, it is far less damaging to your watch case when moving rubber straps in between your watch lugs. Hence, you never need to worry about how many times you want to change up your rubber straps! Plus, since rubber has more give to it than metal, it is easier to insert the strap between the lugs and move the spring bars into position making installation that bit quicker.

Blue Rubber Strap on GMT

So there you have it, as the sun shines brightly and the season of sunshine and fun takes centre stage, embracing a ZEALANDE rubber strap for your watch becomes a wise and stylish decision. Comfortable, durable, water-resistant, and full of character, rubber straps not only suit the season but also elevate your style quotient during summer adventures. So, let go of the conventional metal or leather strap and embrace the summer spirit with a rubber strap that will keep you on time and on-trend throughout the sunny months ahead. You definitely won’t regret your decisions and it will make your watch that bit more fun and comfortable for the hotter months!