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The special essence of Omega watches 

For all watch lovers, Omega is one of the must-have timepieces that every collection The brand's iconic collections are numerous, from the Seamaster range to the Constellation range, each of OMEGA's watch collection and models has a strong history. Like its competitors Rolex, Omega has chosen to use quality materials such as stainless steel and gold to produce watches of the highest quality.

The brand has reinvented itself over the past 170 years to bring you exceptional products, whether through its mechanisms or its first wristwatch model. One of the main concerns of watch owners is not the price of the watch, but rather how to ensure perfect security when travelling or storing it.

The Swiss brand OMEGA has made a habit of discreetly but permanently engraving certain parts of its models. For the SEAMASTER collection, a seahorse can be seen on the case back, while some Speedmaster models read "First watch on the moon". With OMEGA's philosophy in mind, the men of ZEALANDE have chosen to hot-stamp the brand's logo on the top flap of the genuine leather watch roll.

It is with all these elements in mind that the men of ZEALANDE have worked to offer you the best in genuine leather watch rolls to ensure perfect protection for your watches. But do you know the real purpose of a watch roll? 

Try to imagine, in the morning, when you wake up you have to perform your morning routine in order to start your day. To enhance this moment, you can use a watch roll. The rollers allow you to store your watches at home in a safe and secure way and keep them in perfect condition.

The main advantage of a watch roll is that it gives each of your watches an individual storage box, ensuring that the strap and dial are protected from scratches or knocks and that the strap does not become deformed if it is not stored correctly.

A distinction should be made between a watch case and a watch roll, as the name suggests a roll is usually round or oval in shape and has the advantage of being semi-rigid. Watch cases take up more space and are completely rigid, which can be less practical when travelling.

The perfect protection for your Omega: ZEALANDE leather Watch Rolls

In order to respect the nobility of a Speedmaster, admire the simple beauty of a Diver or sublimate a watch from the Constellation collection, the different features of the ZEALANDE leather watch roll will surprise you.
Our roll is made by craftsmen mastering the best techniques to offer you a high quality genuine leather watch roll, equipped with a flannel lining inside. With our watch roll you will be able to store up to three watches in an optimal way, each one benefiting from a mini storage box ensuring its protection.

The outside of the roll is made of high quality genuine leather, the edges are heat oiled to give a touch of nobility. The inside of the roll has been given great attention by the men and women of ZEALANDE, the choice was made for a flannel lining for several reasons. First of all, flannel provides a unique softness and texture, but its greatest advantage is its anti-scratch protection.

Thanks to the flannel, the dial of your watch will be preserved, whether it is in gold, ceramic, platinum, titanium or simply steel, there is no risk of seeing the slightest scratch or shock appear. The cushions are also made of flannel in order to give the same protection to your watch straps as to their dial. Whether you want to store recent watches or vintage models that are quite fragile due to their age, the genuine leather watch rolls will protect your watches.

The OMEGA watch rolls are available in three colours, a deep black, an intense cobalt blue and a distinguished bottle green, each of our colours has been given the best treatment to remain powerful all your life. A little bonus from us, you have the possibility to match the colour of our roll with the one available for our pouches, for reminder the pouches are available in blue, black, green, brown, red and orange. 

What kind of watches can be stored?

Our genuine leather watch rolls are designed to safely hold any of the watches belonging to the Omega family. You will be able to store your automatic watches without risk of damaging the mechanism, admire a sublime Speedmaster "Moonwatch" with a dial as black as the space it has been admiring. Contemplating the majesty of a watch from the Constellation collection or marvelling at the purity of a Seamaster Diver 300M covered with a fine layer of gold.

The numerous customisations offered by Omega on all its models provide a reference number. Each one having an appearance that can be very different, it is important to store or display them on an ideal support. This is why no matter what watch you own, it will be sublimated by being stored in the beautiful genuine leather watch roll.

What price for our omega watch rolls

The only answer to this question: 299 USD. That's the price for the best watch roll on the market that will be your lifelong companion in protecting your watches. Whether at home or on the road you will appreciate the 5 stars service provided by your new favourite accessory.

The price of our soft leather watch rolls corresponds to the time needed by our craftsmen to make the roll, to the choice of high quality leather and to the flannel protecting the interior. Unlike our Swiss rubber bands, our watch rolls are only available in our online shop. Dont' hesitate to take care of your beautiful automatic watch, buy our genuine leather watch roll on our e-shop and receive it quickly.


As we like to take care of you, we allow you to benefit from free shipping anywhere in the world. As we fully understand your desire to protect your watches our shipping policy is to offer you fast and free shipping via DHL express.

This shipping method allows you to receive your case anywhere in the world within four working days. Don't hesitate to get your luxury leather watch roll as soon as possible.

The ideal travel companion: The ZEALANDE leather watch roll for Omega

As we keep telling you, our rolls are the best option for storing your watch at home, but their greatest strength is their durability. When you go on vacation, you are always hesitant about which watch to bring because you are afraid that you will not be able to store it properly. Whether in a bag or suitcase, wrapped in a ZEALANDE® black velvet storage bag for protection during travel.


Do you know a watch enthusiast? A person who collects luxury watches and you don't have a gift idea? Why think about it any longer, give them our beautiful watch roll as a gift. Our box will allow him to store up to 3 watches and especially to take them with him during his travels.

With shipping handled by ZEALANDE you are only a few steps away from giving the perfect gift. When you receive our package you will find the roll in a beautiful black velvet pouch for transport during your travels.



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