While some Rolex® watch owners swear by authenticity and want to keep their original steel bracelet, more and more are embracing change. And when it comes to watch straps, there's a choice: leather or nylon in NATO or "classic" versions, ceramic and even vegan, with folding clasp, clip or pin buckle and, the one we're interested in here, the rubber strap.

Increasingly popular for its chic and resolutely modern sportswear style, the rubber strap will soon become your Rolex®'s best friend
. But beware! A rubber strap is not chosen by chance. If it can sublimate your watch, it can also completely ruin it. Here we give you our advice to help you choose the right rubber strap for your Rolex®, in line with the excellence of the brand.





The quality of rubber: the 1st point to study

Before talking about colour, aesthetics or comfort, it is essential to talk about the quality of the rubber of your future Rolex® watch strap. This quality depends on the manufacturing and assembly technique of the strap, but also and above all on the quality of the rubber itself.
Would you have the idea, if it were technically feasible, of replacing your Montblanc pen tip with a Bic pen tip? Certainly not! The same goes for your Rolex®. You wouldn't want to dress it up with a rubber strap that would spoil its elegance? So no choice, without becoming a great chemist, you have to take an interest in the technical aspect of the rubber that will make up your strap.


Many so-called rubber wristbands are actually made of silicone. Silicone is a synthetic material made from carbon and silicon, while rubber is made from a natural material, latex. Silicone is actually cheaper than rubber, but it is far from being the quality you are looking for in a brand name watch such as Rolex®.
First of all, it catches the hairs, which you will agree and rather unpleasant for a watch strap! Secondly, it is charged with static electricity and therefore attracts all the little dirt and lint. And as silicone is an adhesive material, this dirt can only be removed with a lot of soapy water. Finally, silicone is less flexible and less resistant than rubber.


bracelet en caoutchouc pour montre Rolex

Choose an FKM vulcanised rubber strap

Simply put, vulcanised rubber means that it has been cured to make it both strong and flexible. In chemistry, FKM refers to a material with high chemical and thermal resistance.

In other words, these are the characteristics of FKM vulcanised rubber:

  • Robustness (tear and tensile strength)
  • Flexibility (elastic rebound to return to its original shape)
  • Longevity (resistance to ageing, wear and tear)
  • Heat and UV resistance
  • Resistance to grease and solvents

As you can see, if you want to honour your Rolex® and enjoy your rubber strap, you should opt for an FKM vulcanised rubber strap. At ZEALANDE®, we have chosen a Swiss manufacturer, which perfectly illustrates our vision of what a premium watch strap should be: the use of top-quality FKM vulcanised rubber, mastery of manufacturing processes and consistent quality. 


The shape of the watch strap and its connection with your rolex® watch case

Assuming that the aesthetics of your Rolex® watch is made up of 50% of the case and 50% of the strap, you will agree that you should not be mistaken in your choice of the latter. You have decided to look for a FKM vulcanised rubber strap (yes, we just talked about it!) and that's fine. Now you need to make sure that it will connect perfectly to your Rolex®. Because a small gap between your watch and your strap, leaving a bit of skin showing, is frankly not the most stylish thing! And it's certainly not what you want for your Rolex®.
So here's the second tip for choosing the rubber strap for your Rolex®: the end of the strap should be rigid and curved. Here are the explanations in detail. 


bracelet en caoutchouc pour Rolex YachtMaster

a rubber strap with a curved end will better fit the case of your Rolex®

To guarantee the impeccable appearance of your rolex and fit perfectly into its case, without any unsightly gaps, the end of your rubber strap, the one that will come to the junction of your watch case, must be curved and rigid.

Not only will the aesthetic appearance of your Rolex® be preserved, but also its safety will be ensured by a reliable assembly and a solid connection between the bracelet and the watch.
Your rubber strap will thus have a streamlined appearance and will fit your Rolex® perfectly, giving it a new charm in complete safety.

the best rubber strap shape for your Rolex®

It is best to go for a rubber strap that has a natural curve: when you take off your watch, the strap should keep a slight curve echoing that of your wrist. An FKM vulcanised rubber strap is rigid enough to withstand the weight of your Rolex® case, yet has the flexibility and elasticity to allow for this natural curve.
The risk of opting for a bracelet that does not have these qualities is, in the best case scenario, that it may take several weeks for it to take effect on your wrist, creating discomfort and discomfort. In the worst case, it may crack. With FKM vulcanised rubber, you get a perfectly fitted and comfortable strap from the first try on.  

ZEALANDE® has developed an FKM vulcanised rubber strap with an ABS plastic insert embedded in the rubber for a perfect connection with the case of your watch. The shape of our straps has been studied and designed to adapt to the size of your Rolex® watch and allow you to replace the original metal strap with one of our rubber straps.


The length of the rubber strap and its closing system

Depending on your preferences and the look you want for your Rolex®, you will need to choose between a rubber strap with a pin buckle or a strap that allows you to fit your original Rolex® folding clasp.
In both cases, you will need to be careful about the length of the strap and, it cannot be stressed enough, its quality.


boucle de bracelet caoutchouc pour Rolex

a rubber strap to fit your Rolex® folding clasp

To bring more originality to your watch, you can choose a rubber strap on which your original Rolex® folding clasp can be fitted.
In this case, it is recommended that you choose a model with different strap lengths so that it will fit your wrist snugly. You should be able to choose the length of the bracelet on either side of the case, 6 o'clock side and 12 o'clock side, by counting the links of the original bracelet to obtain the perfect size.

a rubber strap with integrated pin buckle

If you like simplicity and discretion, you will be delighted by a rubber strap for Rolex® with a pin buckle.
To make the right choice, we advise you to make sure that the pin buckle is made of quality metal and that its design is well worked out so that it fits well with the strap and does not offend the beauty of your Rolex®.

In addition, it is important to make sure that the length of the bracelet will fit your wrist and that it has enough holes (ideally at least 9) to fit properly.

Finally, whether it's an original folding clasp or a pin buckle, be sure to install your clasp system properly for the security of your Rolex®.

The ZEALANDE® pin buckle is manufactured with high-precision machinery, in 316L stainless steel, a guarantee of quality and durability. The link between the buckle and the rubber strap is ensured by a screwed pin, for optimum security. Discreet and very comfortable, we offer it in brushed or polished version.
As for our straps designed to fit your original folding clasp, they are available in many lengths which we help you to choose with precision thanks to our simple and detailed diagrams.



Comfort and aesthetics of the rubber strap for your Rolex®

A few years ago, the rubber watchband was reserved for the world of sport and diving. Its image, less noble than that of leather or metal straps, is now broken by the big brands themselves, which offer some of their watch models with rubber straps. Prestigious brands, such as Rolex® with its Oyster flex strap, have understood that a high-quality and well worked rubber strap does not distort the watch but, on the contrary, can sublimate it and give it a modern and chic look.


bracelet en caoutchouc pour Rolex YachtMaster

the rubber strap, an elegant sportswear look for your Rolex®

If you have followed all our previous recommendations, all you have to do is choose the look of the bracelet that will dress your Rolex®. And there are more and more choices: embossed or grooved aspect, imitation leather with visible seams, completely smooth or with subtle mouldings... there is something for everyone. But we advise you to opt for the elegance of rubber with a matt finish.

In terms of colours, there are also many options to enhance your case. And why not start a collection of rubber straps to dress up your Rolex® according to the occasion or your mood of the day?




FKM vulcanised rubber strap for Rolex®: the assurance of incomparable comfort

Yes, yes, it's true, we'll put your ears back in your ears with the quality of rubber! But we don't make beautiful, robust and comfortable with a second-rate material. So if you want a wristband for your Rolex® that is comfortable to wear, soft, non-sticky, combines flexibility and rigidity and is breathable, you know what you need to do!

ZEALANDE® rubber watch straps are probably the most comfortable watch straps in the world thanks, in particular, to the properties of the first choice vulcanised FKM rubber used by our manufacturer. Endowed with a unique suppleness and feel, they will convince the most demanding Rolex or other prestigious brands. Available in many colours with vibrant and deep tones, ZEALANDE® rubber straps will allow you to personalise your Rolex® according to your desires and your outfits.

One last little piece of information: ZEALANDE® rubber straps are of such high quality that they are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE... So you are still hesitating?

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